The General’s Wife: The Life of Mrs. Ulysses S. Grant

Arcadia Press #ad - . An excellent and diligently researched biography of Julia Boggs Dent Grant 1826-1902, the wife of the 18th President of the United States, Ulysses S. The two loved and needed each other. An active participant in presidential matters, promoting his welfare, The First Lady was widely regarded to possess tremendous strength of character, sharing in the mixed fortunes of her husband, loved and cared for her family, and fulfilled her patriotic duty as First Lady.

Ulysses and julia grant were a profoundly united couple, and so it is not easy to make a clear distinction between his life and hers. It is very pleasant to get to know Julia Grant, in her devotion, who, was one of the more potent women in American history. The saturday Review. Grant and his wife, Julia. Grant, and first lady of the United States from 1869 to 1877.

The General's Wife: The Life of Mrs. Ulysses S. Grant #ad - Behind every successful man there stands a woman. This maxim was never truer than with Ulysses S.


Mary Lincoln: Biography of a Marriage

Comeback Press #ad - Mary lincoln: biography of a marriage was first published in 1953 and Randall passed away in 1971. This is an important and definitive volume. Her other books include lincoln's Sons and Colonel Elmer Ellsworth: a biography of Lincoln's friend and first hero of the Civil War. Carman, the american historical reviewmany people in history have claimed that Abraham Lincoln never loved Mary Todd Lincoln, and that in fact his love was focused upon Anne Rutledge.

They have claimed that his wife hurt him politically though she drove him to the Presidency, that she embarrassed him financially as well as socially and inflicted on him the agony of adjustment to her psychopathic personality. Yet, is there any truth to any of these claims?Ruth Painter Randall’s brilliant biography of Mary and Abraham Lincoln sheds new light upon their marriage and dispels the myths that have surrounded it.

Mary Lincoln: Biography of a Marriage #ad - By using a huge quantity of material, including long-lost telegrams and letters, Randall has reconstructed what the marriage was truly like and provided a picture of Mary Lincoln without any prejudice or unsupported evidence. This book rehabilitates the reputation of mary Lincoln and deserves to be read by all those who wish to find the truth about the remarkable relationship between Mary and her husband and the impact that she made on him throughout his years in office.

Never has such a story seemed better worth telling or better told. Saturday review"out of the most searching scrutiny ever leveled on the Lincolns' family affairs comes the picture of a tempestuous yet essentially happy marriage. New york herald Tribune"This is a very moving book.


Sapphire Nights Crystal Magic Book 1

Book View Cafe #ad - Bereft of friends and family, money and memory, all she has to her name is a stray cat. But how can he accept a reality that stretches beyond the borders of what he knows -- one that contains spirits, and imaginary voices—the weirdness that ruined his life before?And if they survive what lies ahead, psychics, will they find any way to make a future together?OTHER BOOKS IN THE CRYSTAL MAGIC SERIES:Book 1: Sapphire NightsBook 2: Topaz DreamsBook 3: Crystal VisionBook 4: Wedding GemsBook 5: Azure SecretsBook 6: Amber Affairs .

. The first in a new romantic mystery series by bestselling author Patricia Rice: A lawman haunted by his past. He's come to bury his tragic past in this remote California town, where his father vanished years before. Old bones lead to new death, stirring ancient fears and feuds. Sam will need walker's help to uncover the truth of who she is and face the burden that brings.

Sapphire Nights Crystal Magic Book 1 #ad - . Ever watchful, walker sees how Sam's arrival disturbs the deceptive peace of Hillvale. A scientist haunted by her future. Samantha moon arrives in hillvale— population 325 lives and countless ghosts—in a fog as thick as the one circling the aging mountain town.


Red Dale Ray: A Sober Rebrand

#ad - The busybodies tell Ray that only one simple thing needs to change, and that's everything. What? no way! Time to get out of Dodge. With his court paper in hand, Ray is sent to Hammerhead's Counseling and Sober Steve's RV Park. Getting sober and sorting out his life isn't part of Ray's plan. Even the rampaging bull moose back home in Colorado is less of a nuisance than the nosy recovering alcoholics who can't make a decent cup of coffee!

Who would think one crummy day could change your life for the better?All Ray Bowler wants to do is sell his failing Hilda's Bar, travel around in his rust-bucket trailer, and have campfire beer-side chats with other quirky off-grid campers. After a few too many Buzzard's Burritos margaritas, things change.


A Diary From Dixie

HarperTorch #ad - Look for more titles in the HarperTorch collection to build your digital library. As an active participant in her husband’s career, richmond, chesnut became an eyewitness to many important events of the war, and, accompanying him to postings in Montgomery, despite being a member of the privileged class, and Columbia, Charleston, managed to convey the Confederacy’s struggle from different points of view.

A diary from dixie is considered by many to be the most important work produced by a Confederate author. Vann woodward as mary chesnut’s Civil War, won the Pulitzer Prize for History in 1982. Harpertorch brings great works of non-fiction and the dramatic arts to life in digital format, upholding the highest standards in ebook production and celebrating reading in all its forms.

A Diary From Dixie #ad - A diary from dixie is the civil war diary of Mary Boykin Chesnut, society matron and wife of United States senator and Confederate general, James Chesnut, Jr. Filmmaker ken burns made extensive use of Chesnut’s diary in his documentary series The Civil War, and an annotated version of it, published by the historian C.


Agent High Pockets

Arcadia Press #ad - Agent high pockets is the autobiography of claire 'High Pockets' Phillips, an American entertainer living in Manila in 1941 who becomes an angel of the underground when her husband is killed by the invading Japanese. Using her popular tsubuki nightclub as a headquarters, High Pockets and her staff serve spiked drinks to Japanese officers and seduce military information out of them.

During the day, claire smuggles contraband in her bra 'high pockets' past bribed Japanese guards paid to look the other way, into imprisoned American POWs - money, food and clothes - saving countless lives. Agent high pockets" is the autobiography of Claire High Pockets Phillips:". To me claire phillips is four people:First, she is a fellow soldier’s widow.

Agent High Pockets #ad - Second, she is “high-pockets, ” the outstanding and resourceful spy operating in Jap-held Manila for over 2 years. Third, she is a guerrilla officer; determined and able leader and organizer of the Manila underground. Last, ” the intensely patriotic, she is “Comadre, and spiritually strong godmother of ragged, desperate men.

John Peyton Boone.


A Christmas Code The Code Breakers Series Book 2

Doe Bay Publishing #ad - When her spying undercovers a secret so shocking the enemy would kill for it, she's thrown head-first into a dangerous world of intrigue and treachery. With ash by her side, Gwyneth is unstoppable. But there's one thing the seasoned spy didn't count on--his childhood friend, who has blossomed into an enticing, Lady Gwyneth Beaumont, passionate hellion.

Gwyneth has a secret mission of her own: prove she's worthy of joining the Code Breakers, winning the heart of the hard-headed viscount she's loved since they were children. Soon the notorious rake realizes that the woman he'd always considered off-limits is his perfect match, this Christmas and forever after--if only they can survive long enough for that mistletoe kiss.

A Christmas Code The Code Breakers Series Book 2 #ad - Enjoy the passionate, where daring lords and ladies decode the path to happily ever amidst their dangerous, suspenseful Regency world of the Code Breakers, heroic fight against Napoleon's treacherous designs. All that stands between viscount James Ashworth and a much-anticipated quiet retirement is one simple assignment: protect the Prince Regent at a holiday house party.


The War-Time Journal of a Georgia Girl, 1864-1865

Embraid Press #ad - The diary is filled with andrews’s fiery, spirited persona” Saporta ReportEliza Frances Andrews was a popular Southern writer of the Gilded Age. Ford, the georgia historical Quarterly“With an insider’s view, she proved a talented writer and astute observer. War-time journal of a georgia girl, 1864-1865 is one of the truly important published diaries of the Civil War southern home front.

Eliza frances andrews, more commonly known as fanny, was born in 1840 to world of pre-Civil War southern privilege; her father was a prominent judge in the region who owned two hundred slaves and a cotton plantation. Georgia’s secession from the Union provoked many disagreements within Fanny’s family, as it did with many others across the South.

The War-Time Journal of a Georgia Girl, 1864-1865 #ad - Her father firmly opposed secession, fearing it would be lead to the destruction of their way of life, while Fanny and the rest of family supported the Rebel cause, indeed three of her brothers went on to fight for the Confederacy. Fanny did not record the first three years of the conflict, but as she began to be increasingly surrounded by death and destruction she decided to begin records the events that she witnessed.

John inscoe, editor of the new georgia encyclopedia, found the book particularly notable for the account of Sherman’s devastating March to the Sea and “her harrowing retreat from her home in Washington; as Sherman’s Union forces approached, she moved across ravaged areas to find refuge at her sister’s plantation in the southwestern part of the state.

Fanny describes in brilliant detail the collapse of the traditional agrarian world of the South and how members of the old ruling class were forced to become refugees in their own state. A rich source of insight into the southern home front of the Civil War. Kim kleinman, a journal of the history of science Society“Andrews was a product of the Old South but a woman who became self-sufficient and independent as her world changed.


A Blockaded Family: Life in Southern Alabama During the Civil War 1888

#ad - At hamilton female college. The patience and the heroism displayed by the women of the south during four years of conflict, of their privations, and yet of their occasional pleasures, especially when we take into consideration the luxury which they had formerly enjoyed, has often been acknowledged; and the book in question gives details of their daily life, the reading of which is sure to interest.

So universal was the necessity for things of everyday, that while every hand and brain was lent to the task of contriving, there was less time to spend in lamentation over the increasing burden of a common care. The book was endorsed personally by Jefferson Davis and Gen. Home-made pottery replaced breakages in the pantry.

A Blockaded Family: Life in Southern Alabama During the Civil War 1888 #ad - There is not a word of reproach in it, and not a note of harshness or vindictiveness sounded. So wide and varied is the field to be yet harvested for crops of information about the home life of Southern people in the War, that we are glad to take up Miss Hague's 'A Blockaded Family. It will be found to be a record of interest, while unpretending as a piece of literary work.

Beauregard and is a book of great interest, describing the expedients resorted to by the people of blockaded districts to procure the necessities of life. The book presents a picture of life in Southern Alabama during the civil war, the contrasting colors of which are distributed very skillfully. She finished her education in Harris County, Ga.

Miss hague was a governess of southern birth and sympathy, living in the houseliold of an Alabama planter during the four years that threw women as much upon their own resources to secure the necessaries of daily life, as did the residence of the Swiss Family Robinson upon their desert isle.


Sweet Freaks: drinks edition Miracle Berry Sugarless Recipes Book 1

Thompson Books #ad - Diabetes, heart attack, obesity, our sugar consumption must be drastically cut, the World Health Organization warns that if we hope to avoid the worst, and by cut they mean amputate. Rumor in the bat cave has it that sugar is the vice sending us all straight to Hell. But this isn’t madness, it’s a miracle.

Alright, let’s concede: that is pretty close to a miracle. At least for us Sweet Freaks. In the sweet freaks drinks edition, we’ll explore the saccharine tricks of the miracle berry and have you drinking unsweetened cranberry juice by the end of the week. Ludicrous? well it would be without the miracle berry, it will be so ridiculously sweet you’ll trust us when we say, but with the berry, “Try the lemon-raspberry next.

Sweet Freaks: drinks edition Miracle Berry Sugarless Recipes Book 1 #ad - Teas, and milkshakes are some of the drinks we’ll turn sugarless, ice cream, fruit juices, smoothies, colas, sodas, but we swear—hand over our batty little hearts—they will not be lacking for sweetness. Ok, it’s really a miracle berry, specifically the Synsepalum Dulcificum. Battiest thing you’ve ever heard? Probably.

The miracle berry can turn foods and beverages blindingly sweet, yet it contains no measurable calories and no associated glucose spike. And while they all taste like cotton candy dipped in donut glaze, not one gram of sugar has been added. The average vampire bat isn’t too concerned, but the fruit bats, with their love of sugary excess, are having a veritable glucose attack.


Diary of a Southern Refugee During the War, Annotated

Booker House Publishing, Inc. #ad - The book is a lively picture of the inner life of the Confederates during the war; of their hopes and fears, their joys and sorrows, through the eventful struggle. Concerned that in future histories her grandchildren would be told that their ancestors were "tyrants to their servants, " and "traitors to their country, " she recorded in her diary more than enough proof of the truth.

The late celebrated and Rev. No true-hearted virginian can read it without the deepest emotion, and an interest far surpassing that of the most exciting romance. It is the diary of a lady, 1861, eminently christian matron, when she was obliged to leave her home by the advent of Federal troops to Alexandria, from May, refined, evidently a thoughtful, kept for the benefit of her grandchildren, Va.

Till the surrender of generals lee and johnston, and elsewhere in Virginia, on through all the days of her sojourn at Winchester, in April, Richmond, 1865. Written by judith mcguire, originally intended only for members of the family who were too young to remember these days, was first published in 1867.

Diary of a Southern Refugee During the War, Annotated #ad - The reading of a dozen pages of this diary make it sufficiently manifest that this gallery of 'inside views' of the Southern public opinion and the Southern heart during the memorable era of the civil war, and that, are pictures taken from nature, too, photographically—these leaves being but the plates upon which the thoughts and emotions shadowed themselves, and were caught as they arose day by day.

From the richmond enquirer and examiner, january 19, 1868:"The 'Diary of a Refugee' is a work unpretending in its character, Friday morning, but of rare literary merit, and of the deepest interest. It was written without any design of publication, but to preserve a faithful record, for the benefit of the many young friends and near relations of the authoress.