The Christment Tree, Vol. 1, How to Make Christian Ornaments for Your Christmas Tree

Meriwether Pub - Used book in Good Condition. With christmas becoming increasingly commercialized, these easy-to-make beaded ornaments hearken back to its very beginnings. This how-to book tells how to make twenty-one different "Christment" tree ornaments celebrating the true meaning of Christmas the life of Christ depicted in ornaments.

A supply list, bead counts, construction diagram and a photo of the finished product are provided for each Christment. Each christment is assigned a difficulty level, so that both children and experienced adults -- and everyone in between -- will find a craft project suited to their abilities. Clear and concise directions are included for the star in the east, the manager and other appropriate symbols from the birth and life of Jesus, a shepherd's crook, Creating the Christments together as a family or church group is a fun Advent activity that also focuses on the spiritual aspect of the holiday.

Chrismons Basic Series: Chrismons Chrismons Ornaments Volume 1

Ascension Lutheran Church - Frances kipps Spencer, a church member. The designs are monograms of and symbols for our Lord Jesus Christ. The basic series includes basic Christian theological symbols in bead work and styrofoam. All chrismons™ ornaments are made in a combination of white and gold to symbolize the purity and majesty of the Son of God and the Son of Man.

Chrismons™ ornaments were originate and first made for use on the Christmas tree of Ascension Lutheran Church in Danville, Virginia, in 1957 by Mrs. Because these designs have been used by his followers since biblical times, they are the heritage of all Christians and serve to remind each of us regardless of denomination of the One we follow.

The Christment Tree : How to Make Christian Ornaments for Your Christmas Tree, Vol. 2

Meriwether Pub - Photographs, instructions and patterns for 21 all-new beaded Christments centered aroung the theme "We Follow Jesus". Christments include simple designs that children may make as well as complex creations for crafters who like a challenge. Used book in Good Condition.

The Christment Tree Pattern Book Vol. 3: 21 Christian Ornaments on the Meaning of Christmas Christment Tree Pattern Books

Meriwether Pub - Used book in Good Condition. Includes a story for the hanging of the Christments in a church service. Some of the ornaments include the dove of peace, magi from the East, Mary's donkey, a miniature church and a beautiful Saint Lucia tree topper. The designs focus on the symbolic meaning of each aspect of the Christmas story.

Why do we celebrate christmas? Beaded ornaments tell the story in Elaine Harpine's newest collection of Christments. The patterns are arranged from the simplest to the most challenging, with supply lists and easy-to-understand instructions included. Over half of the christments in this volume are easy enough for first- through third-graders to make.

The Christment Tree Pattern Book Vol. 3: 21 Christian Ornaments on the Meaning of Christmas Christment Tree Pattern Books - The reason for christmas is reinforced on a kinesthetic level, through the manipulation of chenille stems and stringing beads.

Crosses and Crowns: Instructions for Making Home Size Chrismons Volume 5

Ascension Lutheran Church - Frances kipps spencer, many of these patterns are smaller versions of beaded patterns found in the Chrismons Basic Series book. Used book in Good Condition. Adapted from the original designs by Mrs. The 36 projects included finish 3 - 5" in height. Instructions for many favorite Chrismons ornaments for home or small church trees.

Features numbered step by step instructions, photographs and diagrams with level of difficulty and supply list clearly marked.

Chrismons Advanced Series: Instructions for Making The Advanced Series of Chrismons Volume 2

Ascension Lutheran Church - Patterns include the "crown of thorns, " "Wheat and Grapes, " "Palms, " and various crosses not in other Chrismons books. No designs or patterns are duplicated in any of the Original Chrismons Serires books. Used book in Good Condition. Sets included "angels and Archangels" and the "Parable Balls. Designs are suitable for home or church use and range in difficulty from easy, to very difficult.

The chrismons: advanced Series consists of patterns for individual and sets of Chrismons Ornaments.

Chrismons -- They Point To Jesus

CSS Publishing Company - In addition to teaching in Lutheran schools, she has directed adult and youth choirs and special children's programs in Indianapolis, Indiana. The program includes children and adults and incorporates the singing of the Christmas hymns. Used book in Good Condition. A worship service. A learning experience. This book provides patterns, instructions and background information for twenty different Chrismons, or ""monograms of Christ.

It also includes a church program for presenting and explaining the meanings of these Christian symbols. A dramatic presentation Diane L. Gibson is a graduate of concordia Teachers' College, River Forest, Illinois, with a Bachelor of Arts degree in elementary education.

Christ Monograms

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform - Studying the symbolism found in chrismons over the course of the Advent season is a wonderful way to prepare for the birth of Jesus Christ and understand why his coming is the hinge on which all of human history turns. Used book in Good Condition. Because these designs have been used by his followers since biblical times, they are the heritage of all Christians and serve to remind us of the one we follow.

Chrismon" is a combination of the words "Christ Monograms. Each symbol on our trees can teach us more about who Jesus is - which enables us to better understand the meaning of his birth at Christmas. Christ monograms is a daily devotional which examines the meaning behind the Chrismon symbols commonly found on Christmas trees in churches.

Symbols of the Church

Abingdon Press - The book shares the origin and meaning of hundreds of symbols of the Christian faith, as well as fascinating stories behind many symbols. Help the children of your church recognize Christian symbols with a resource developed exclusively for them! Symbols of Faith can be found  in the Related Products Section Below.

Examine worship Connection for ideas and resources for all the ways we worship. This resource, with over 200 full-color photographs and illustrations depicts a variety of symbols, explains often-misunderstood symbols commonly seen in churches. Did you know. Used book in Good Condition. It includes symbols from the old and New Testaments, the Christian tradition, those representing apostles and saints are discussed, plus denominational emblems.

Symbols of the Church - Religious symbolism appeals to both the intellect and the emotions. Symbols were widely used by the early christian church; Christian denominations have created logos, beliefs, often using many of the images and symbols of the faith, history, to give visual expression to its character, and mission.