The Best Man

Rose Bud Press - Kirby matthews is sick of being single. She’s sick of being the only single girl in a group of married couples. But as the wedding planning proceeds, kirby gets to know John better and realizes she’s never met any guy she’s connected with more—not in her entire life. What do you do about your wedding when you’re falling in love with the best man?

So when kirby’s long distance boyfriend Ted pops the question, her answer is an eager “YES. Then kirby meets Ted’s best man, John. John is obnoxious, he’s opinionated, and he uses his disability as an excuse to keep everyone at arm’s length. She’s sick of people patting her hand at weddings and assuring her that “you’ll be next.

The Best Man - She’s sick of having to stand up and catch that stupid bouquet.

How the Grinch Stole My Heart

Rose Bud Press - He complained until their doorman got rid of the beautiful Christmas tree in the lobby. Single mom noelle can’t stand her crotchety next-door neighbor. She’s never met the man in person, but Mr. Mr. Grieder, a. K. A. He even slammed his door on the Girl Scout Carolers. This is noelle’s first christmas since a painful divorce, and this grouchy old hermit seems determined to make her favorite holiday as unpleasant as he possibly can.

Except there are two things Noelle doesn’t know about Mr. Grinch, leaves her nasty notes whenever her son plays in the hallway. And two, he’s going to be her date for Saturday night. Grinch:one, he’s not an old man.

My Perfect Ex-Boyfriend Perfect Guy Book 1

Rose Bud Press - He's sweet and smart and successful and sexy--all the best adjectives beginning with "S. My six-year-old daughter worships the ground he walks on ever since he fashioned her smiley face pancakes out of bananas and blueberries. Oh yeah, and he can cook. The only problem?i dumped this great guy a decade ago, right after I wrecked his life.

And boy, this man holds a grudge. This is book 1 of the perfect Guy series, but can be read as a stand alone book. I couldn't put this book down!" --A Book Lover's Emporium Book BlogI've met the greatest guy ever. Noah walsh is handsome as sin.

My Perfect Fiance Perfect Guy Book 2

Rose Bud Press - And he’s not going down without a fight. This is book 2 in the Perfect Guy series. Theo was a terrible husband and worse father. Theo is desperate to get his family back. There’s only one thing that can stop us from living happily ever after: My ex-husband, Theo. My fiancé is the greatest guy ever. I can’t wait to marry this man.

But now he’s back in my life, and no matter what I say, he can’t accept the fact that I’m marrying another man. Noah is sweet, he’s ridiculously sexy, he’s teaching my headstrong first grader how to read, and even his snoring is at an acceptable level of loudness.

Cabin Fever

Rose Bud Press - Slowly being buried by the unrelenting snow. He's not even the simple woodsman he pretends to be. Except my dashing hero on a mighty steed was instead a hulking beast of a man with an eyepatch and a beard, driving a pickup truck. No cell service. He offered his small cabin as shelter until the storm blew over.

He saved my life. But this mysterious, rugged stranger is no prince. No way out. And then when all hope felt lost, he appeared--a shadowy figure emerging from the depths of the blizzard. I don't know exactly what he wants from me. But i'm beginning to think I want the same damn thing. An unputdownable swoonfest i read in one night!!"  -- Whitney Dineen, bestselling authorI was a damsel in distress.

Cabin Fever - Trapped in a car.

Love is Blind

Rose Bud Press - He's also the only man who has shared her deep passion for reading, which is why he enlists Sophie's help to learn braille. And she suspects he feels the same way. The only problem?colin Kelly has no idea what Sophie Pasternak really looks like. And she's terrified for him to find out the truth. After all, living vicariously through the romances in her favorite books, who else but a blind man could love someone who looks like she does? But as the lonely years go by working in the library, Sophie wonders if there's any truth in this hurtful piece of advice.

Then she meets colin kelly, a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom, who lost his vision in combat. Swoon-worthy and oh-so-romantic. Sophie finds herself falling hard for Colin. Colin is the sexiest man Sophie has ever met, from his taut muscles covered in tattoos to his alluring grin. I could not put it down!" --whitney dineen, nationally bestselling author of Relatively Normal"Why don't you date a blind guy?"Ever since a childhood accident left her with severe facial deformities, Sophie Pasternak has been hearing that incredibly insulting suggestion from friends and busybodies.

The Ugly Duckling: A Romantic Comedy

Rose Bud Press - And maybe a nice, ordinary drake is the only one who can give a former ugly duckling the happily ever after she's been waiting for. Once she evolves into a beautiful swan, the handsome princes are tripping each other's royal steeds in order to get a date with her. He's missing a cleft in his chin, he doesn't have a British accent or even a French or Italian accent, and he rides a wheelchair rather than a white stallion.

But the more libby gets to know Will, the more she starts to wonder if handsome princes are really all they're cracked up to be. A perfect chick lit read!" --readers' Favorite, FIVE STARS"A story not to miss. Usa today bestselling author j samanwhat would you do to get your happily ever after?Libby Saunders, who spent the first seventeen years of her life as an ugly duckling, bleaches her hair and drops forty pounds in order to get her fairytale ending.

The Ugly Duckling: A Romantic Comedy - But while the princes in fairy tales may be perfect gentlemen, Libby finds that her real life princes tend to be somewhat less than perfect. Actually, they tend to be a bunch of two-timing jerks. Will kaplan, the roommate of Libby's latest boyfriend, is definitely not her idea of a handsome prince.

Crazy in Love Matt & Anna Book 1

Rose Bud Press - How can you kiss the man of your dreams. When you can't even touch him?"a sweet, charming read!" --New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Patrice Wilton"I love this book so very much. Costa is an artist who has painted an emotional masterpiece. Penelope anne bartotto for ind'tale magazine, yet it is so beautiful, FIVE STAR Crowned Review "This is anything but a traditional love story, there just aren't enough words.

I cannot explain how highly i recommend this novel and truly feel it is one that everyone should read regardless of gender, age, or typical genre preference. Dandelions Inspired. I couldn't put it down even though I needed to go to work the next day. Badass blogettesreasons why I will never, ever find love:I race to the bathroom to wash my hands every fifteen minutes.

Crazy in Love Matt & Anna Book 1 - I have dizzying panic attacks on a daily basis. I won't shake your hand. But how can i go on a date with him if the thought of dinner at a restaurant fills me with terror? How can I ever kiss the man I love if I can't even touch him?But for the first time in my life, I want to try. I cannot say enough good things about Crazy in Love.

Readers favorite, FIVE stars"Ms. I can't even stand to be touched.

The Girl I Didn't Marry Jessie & Nick Book 1

Rose Bud Press - Too bad her father would rather rearrange Nick's face than let his only daughter date the son of a local thug. Just a little longer. Then Nick gets hurt. The doctors tell him he'll never walk again. So while she's living under her father's roof, Nick has to stay away. Nick knows how to work hard to get what he wants.

Jessie doesn't care if Nick is in a wheelchair. She's a good girl. But how can she make him see he's the same man she's always loved? how can they spend their lives together if he won't even open his front door?Note: The Girl I Didn't Marry ends in a light cliffhanger, which is concluded in Book 2, The Girl I Didn't Kill For, with a satisfying HEA.

The Girl I Didn't Marry Jessie & Nick Book 1 - He's the no-good son of a Brooklyn mobster. Nick moretti met the girl he wanted to marry at age fourteen. But what do all those doctors know? Nothing, that's what. Both are available for purchase now. Jessie schultz--the most beautiful girl he'd ever known. From the moment he saw her, he knew she'd be his wife someday.

Jessie fell hard for the bad boy with the smoldering eyes. He still holds her heart, even if he can't walk.

The Girl I Didn't Kill For Jessie & Nick Book 2

Rose Bud Press - I got the best lawyer in the city, but I’m not sure if even he can get me out of this one. Cops have a knock I’d know in my sleep. I’m going to sit in a jail cell just like my brother did and my father did. That solid firm knock that you can hear anywhere in the apartment. The cops have come to arrest me.

I know it’s them the second I hear that knock on the door. But i never thought it would ever be me. This is actually happening. I heard it when they took my father away. These cops are taking me to jail. The evidence is damning. And the worst part?The woman I love believes I’m guilty. I heard that knock many times before.

The Girl I Didn't Kill For Jessie & Nick Book 2 - I’m going to be booked on a Murder One charge. I heard it more times than I can count on my hands each time my brother Tony got busted.

The Boy Next Door

Dev Love Press, LLC - When jason and Tasha rekindle their friendship, sparks fly. After years of being a wild soul, now the ex-lead of a band turned music teacher is just looking for a relationship to last. When none other than jason introduces her to a man who can give her what she wants, Tasha is on the verge of throwing passion and love away just so she can forget her troubled past and settle down.

Geraldi, high school, bad dates, the Romantic TimesThrough middle school, and an ill-advised punk phase, Tasha has always been able to count on Jason. With characters this vivid and animated, you almost expect them to stroll off the page in this book your friends will be begging to borrow. Jaime A. But lives change and the friends are going in different directions.

The Boy Next Door - Since the day he moved in next door, he’s gone from the weird kid in a wheelchair to Tasha’s most trusted friend. Costa's voice is bold, refreshing and the narrative is delivered with such spunk, fans of chick-lit will squeal with delight. But jason isn’t ready to give her up just yet. Readers hearts will melt as love rolls in with this one-of-a-kind story that is both hilarious and romantic.