The Alpine Yeoman: An Emma Lord Mystery

Ballantine Books - Meanwhile, mary Daheim has written her best book yet. Praise for the alpine yeoman   “Daheim injects enough wit and color to make her tale more entertaining than the standard small-town mystery. Kirkus reviews   “a core of familiar characters adds charm to all Daheim’s ‘alphabet’ stories. And each one just keeps getting better and better!”—Suspense Magazine“This is the twenty-fifth Alpine mystery and Mary Daheim continues to delight readers with new twists and a wonderful and ever-evolving cast of eccentric characters.

I love her books. Carolyn hart   “Daheim writes. Moreover, whispers of scandal travel through the quaint streets when some high school girls mysteriously take a walk on the wild side. Tongues are wagging on Front Street—and the gossip contains an air of menace. The newlyweds’ domestic idyll is most definitely over when a dead man is discovered near the fish hatchery and nobody has a clue as to his identity.

The Alpine Yeoman: An Emma Lord Mystery - Readers will find this new one similarly enjoyable. Fredericksburg free lance–star  “A witty and wonderful story that will keep readers glued to the pages. The situation grows even more fraught when a shocking link is revealed between the mystery corpse and one of Alpine’s own, unearthing a long-buried dark secret.

The Alpine Zen: An Emma Lord Mystery

Ballantine Books - As an early summer heat wave beats down on Alpine, Emma and her staff are treading very lightly. Then, to the utter bafflement of her colleagues, Vida vanishes without a word to anyone. The picturesque town of alpine in the foothills of Washington state’s Cascade Mountains—home to Emma Lord and her weekly newspaper The Alpine Advocate—has long charmed and enthralled mystery lovers.

Now, with the alpine zen, Mary Daheim has at last reached the anticipated letter of Z. Her legion of avid armchair sleuths will relish this deliciously gripping novel. And just when emma and her husband, start to unsnarl these tangles, Sheriff Milo Dodge, dead too long to identify, a male body, surfaces at the town dump—making what seemed merely weird feel downright sinister.

Has the hot weather driven everyone nuts, or are cold-blooded forces committing deadly misdeeds?   The Alpine Zen tingles with all the mystery and allure that only Mary Daheim’s brand of small-town life can provide. So when a peculiar young woman walks in claiming her parents have been murdered, and that she’s in mortal danger, too, it fits right in with the rest of the craziness.

The Alpine Zen: An Emma Lord Mystery - Gossip, feuding, love affairs, and plenty of dirty secrets make for an intriguing adventure every Alpine fan will want to read all about. Praise for the alpine zen   “A complex plot and a cast of vivid characters will keep readers turning pages. Publishers weekly   “Lively and satisfying. Library journal   praise for Mary Daheim and her Emma Lord mysteries   “Always entertaining.

The Alpine Xanadu: An Emma Lord Mystery

Ballantine Books - Sheriff dodge doesn’t buy the idea that Wayne’s death is an accident. Front street is buzzing with gossip about Emma’s recent engagement to Sheriff Milo Dodge. The alpine xanadu features beloved characters from the series alongside some sinister new ones—not to mention a mystery that will shake Alpine to its core.

Bonus: this edition includes an excerpt from Mary Daheim's The Alpine Yeoman. And now that fool wayne Eriks has climbed an electric pole in the middle of a storm and got himself electrocuted. An exhilarating installment in mary daheim’s beloved and long-running small-town murder mystery series set in Alpine, but from the Grocery Basket to the Venison Inn, and featuring unforgettable newspaper editor Emma Lord   Winter in the small mountain aerie of Alpine should be as quiet as new-fallen snow on the Cascades, Washington, the town is humming.

The Alpine Xanadu: An Emma Lord Mystery - But how—and, more important, why—he died is only one of the conundrums that keep the sheriff and Emma working overtime. Why is resthaven giving alpine so many restless nights? What to make of allegations that someone’s trying to kill the richest man in town. Or whispers of a rash of indecent behavior at the local high school? After Vida Runkel, the Advocate’s stalwart House & Home editor, disappears into thin air, Milo and Emma suddenly have too many loose ends to solve before they can even think about tying the knot.

. At the alpine advocate, editor emma Lord and her staff are on deadline with a feature about the opening of RestHaven, a new rehab and mental health facility.

The Alpine Winter: An Emma Lord Mystery

Ballantine Books - Mary daheim takes her readers back to the quaint little town of Alpine, Wash. Where murder and mayhem always seem to be on the back burner. Wichita falls times record news   “Daheim keeps this long-running series lively with generous helpings of small-town chatter, charm and middle-age romance. Kirkus reviews   “daheim is one of the brightest stars in our city’s literary constellation.

The seattle timesincludes an excerpt of Mary Daheim’s next Emma Lord mystery, The Alpine Xanadu. The picturesque town of alpine in the cascade mountains is decked out in Christmas cheer, but at the Alpine Advocate, editor and publisher Emma Lord is fretting over how her brother and her son—both priests—will react to her affair with Sheriff Milo Dodge.

The Alpine Winter: An Emma Lord Mystery - But they’ve drawn the attention of a dogged killer who thinks the lovers’ bliss is to die for. Scandal, intrigue, desire, and untimely death are the ingredients in Mary Daheim’s deliciously chilling holiday treat. Bonus: this edition includes an excerpt from Mary Daheim's The Alpine Xanadu. An enduring favorite.

. But the most disturbing discovery is the decomposed corpse found in a cave on Mount Sawyer. Another family is singing the blues when Postmaster Roy Everson shows up with bones that may belong to his mother, who’s been missing for sixteen years.

The Alpine Vengeance: An Emma Lord Mystery

Ballantine Books - Then a fourth letter arrives, threatening retribution in the form of another death—most likely Emma’s or Milo’s. Mary daheim’s emma lord novel is a rich and authentic blend of small-town life and chilling menace. Three alarming letters, sent to the sheriff from an anonymous writer, assert that the murder conviction of Alpine resident Larry Petersen ten years earlier was the result of a wrongful arrest.

Adding to the miscarriage of justice, Petersen recently died behind bars. Bonus: this edition contains an excerpt from Mary Daheim's The Alpine Winter. Nestled in the foothills of the cascade mountains, editor and publisher of The Alpine Advocate, the charming hamlet of Alpine is preparing for Thanksgiving, while Emma Lord, feels her spirits sink.

The Alpine Vengeance: An Emma Lord Mystery - There will be no family or friends to share the day, but a call from Sheriff Milo Dodge on the Monday after the holiday weekend leaves her no time to wallow.

The Alpine Uproar: An Emma Lord Mystery

Ballantine Books - But soon emma lord, editor and publisher of The Alpine Advocate,  has an even bigger story to report: a heartbreaking highway accident that leaves two people dead and one on life support. Bonus: this edition contains an excerpt from Mary Daheim's The Alpine Vengeance. Picturesque Alpine is no longer the brawling logging town of yesteryear.

So when a drunken fight at the icicle creek Tavern leaves a loner named Alvin De Muth dead, the residents feel as if they’ve gone back to the Bad Old Days. The inquiry into the incident should be a no-brainer, but since the witnesses were half-tanked at the time, Sheriff Milo Dodge is left with conflicting stories.

The Alpine Uproar: An Emma Lord Mystery - . Rumors are flying: are the two tragedies linked in some inexplicable way? Assisted by that human bulldozer Vida Runkel, the Advocate’s House & Home editor, Emma goes for the gold.

The Alpine Traitor: An Emma Lord Mystery

Ballantine Books - Soon, battle lines are drawn and war is declared. Then the first casualty is discovered facedown at the Tall Timber Motel. But even the eagerly anticipated Advocate isn’t immune to the perils of the outside world. Worse, the ruthless acquisitioners are the heirs of Emma’s longtime and tragically departed lover, Tom Cavanaugh.

Alpine’s bastion of bylines, emma lord’s weekly newspaper, The Alpine Advocate, is the current that drives the rumor mill of small-town life . The alpine traitor emma lord is shocked to hear the outrageous news: The Advocate is embroiled in a takeover bid. But when an advocate insider is next to take Alpiners make it their mission to find a killer.

The Alpine Traitor: An Emma Lord Mystery - They have come to Alpine–to stay. And occasional death. The victim is dylan Platte, front man for the buy-out offer Emma turned down cold. In alpine, washington–mary daheim’s cozy hamlet in the Cascade Mountains–mystery fans can meet folks whose colorful quirks and welcoming manner make the town feel like home.

Emma’s ever-inquisitiv a bullet, plumbs her extensive grapevine, Emma and the rest of the e House & Home editor, Vida Runkel, from the Burger Barn to the Venison Inn, determined to connect the dots. Then it turns out that the dead man has a big surprise for the living–one that involves the glamorous Ginger Roth, a bodacious Alpine newbie who can perform the dumb blonde act in her sleep.

The Alpine Scandal: An Emma Lord Mystery

Ballantine Books - Welcome to mystery lovers’ favorite destination: Alpine, Washington, Mary Daheim’s picturesque old logging town in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains. As far as anyone knows, Elmer is alive and well. From the venison inn to the upper crust bakery, which keeps folks up to speed on everything from joyous weddings to sudden, Emma Lord’s weekly newspaper, Front Street is jumping–and the nerve center of the community is the office of The Alpine Advocate, violent death.

The alpine scandalit’s a quiet morning at the Advocate until the mail brings shocking news: a formal obituary for Alpiner Elmer Nystrom. Alpiners love scandal, and with Elmer’s murder, they’ll get their fill. The alpine scandal, is as suspenseful and charming as its predecessors, number nineteen in this bestselling series, a delicious look into the life of a small town where all inhabitants know one another–just not as well as they thought.

The Alpine Scandal: An Emma Lord Mystery - Nystrom’s new receptionist resign at the end of her first day? why are the Nystroms’ neighbors so close-mouthed? Who mailed that prophetic obituary? With Sheriff Milo Dodge in the hospital, it’s up to Emma and Vida to get to the bottom of the tragedy. Though elmer was well liked by everyone, the same cannot be said of his standoffish wife or his son, the town’s new orthodontist.

Rumors fly–straight into the office of the Advocate. Why did Dr. Not only has he been murdered, but his obituary had been mailed before he died.

The Alpine Recluse: An Emma Lord Mystery

Ballantine Books - Sheriff milo dodge suspects murder and arson, and rumors fly from the Burger Barn and Mugs Ahoy to the Grocery Basket and the Venison Inn. Some swear the Rafferty marriage was crumbling. A few mention momentary sightings of a possibly mad recluse known as Old Nick. Sacrificing the heady enticements of a budding romance to nail down a great story, Emma shifts into high investigative gear while her fearless House & Home editor, Vida Runkel, rushes in where angels fear to tread: straight into the private lives of some of Alpine’s most respectable–and now terminally edgy–citizens.

. But neither Emma nor Vida suspects the unbelievable truth. At daybreak, but tim, never blessed with good luck in all his thirty-plus years, Tiffany and her unborn child are safe, has perished in the fierce conflagration. Others hint at stock fraud. For many mystery readers, washington–mary daheim’s fictional small town in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains–has become a beloved second home, Alpine, a delicious retreat from the stresses of life.

The Alpine Recluse: An Emma Lord Mystery - Yet the editor of the alpine advocate, illicit romance, knows all too well that the picturesque old logging town is loaded with scandal: family feuds, chicanery, Emma Lord, and sometimes deadly violence. The alpine reclusein the middle of a hot midsummer night, Emma is awakened by fire trucks rushing to a blaze at the nearby home of newlyweds Tim and Tiffany Rafferty.

The Alpine Obituary: An Emma Lord Mystery

Ballantine Books - Read all about it!the alpine advocateNovels by Mary Daheim. But success will not come cheap. But that suddenly changes when in the middle of the funeral, Jack’s widow hysterically insists that he was murdered. Special edition: murdernot even in alpine, washington, could the death of octogenarian Jack Froland be considered big news—except by his drinking buddies at Mugs Ahoy.

. Emma lord, publisher of the alpine advocate, who is already investigating a threatening letter received by the town’s beautiful blonde judge, now suspects she has two hot stories to unravel. With a killer roaming the woods, it may cost Emma her life. Backed by her house and home editor, she prepares for a triple-threat special: murder, blackmail, that bottomless repository of scandal Vida Runkel, and—as wildfire sweeps the mountainside— possible arson as well.

Alpha Alpine: An Emma Lord Mystery Emma Lord Returns Book 1

Alibi - Emma lord is back and better than ever! This time around, the amateur detective partners up with a rookie sleuth to investigate a string of murders in her beloved Alpine, Washington. After a third body is found, emma’s husband, Sheriff Milo Dodge, suspects there’s a serial killer in their midst. But the recent strangling deaths of two young women are all anyone can talk about.

But when the investigation puts the eager protégé in the line of fire, Emma worries that the cub reporter’s career will be over before it even begins. Praise for alpha alpine“part of what makes this series so great is touching base with the characters, returning to the idyllic locale of Alpine, and spying on all the drama and mayhem.

Alpha Alpine: An Emma Lord Mystery Emma Lord Returns Book 1 -  . I really tried to slow down and savor this book, but that was almost impossible. The latest victim is the sister of a dashing newcomer rumored to be working for Blackwell. For a small town nestled in the cascade mountains’ foothills, picturesque Alpine provides more than enough headlines to fill the pages of editor and publisher Emma Lord’s Alpine Advocate.

Black jack, ” as he’s known to his non-admirers, has a long-standing rivalry with Milo. The labor day edition’s lead story features controversial timber baron Jack Blackwell’s scheme to become Skykomish county manager.