Summer Interlude Criterion Collection

Criterion Collection 25176745 - In one of the director's great early female roles, an accomplished ballet dancer haunted by her tragic youthful affair with a shy, Maj-Britt Nilsson To Joy beguiles as Marie, handsome student Thirst's Birger Malmsten. Touching on many of the themes that would define the rest of his legendary career-isolation, performance, the inescapability of the past-the tenth film by Ingmar Bergman The Seventh Seal was a gentle sway toward true mastery.

A film that the director considered a creative turning point, Summer Interlude is a reverie on life and death that bridges the gap between Bergman's past and future, theater and cinema. Her memories of the rocky shores of Stockholm's outer archipelago mingle with scenes from her gloomy present, most of them set in the dark backstage environs of the theater where she works.

Summer Interlude Criterion Collection - Shrink-wrapped.

Smiles Of A Summer Night The Criterion Collection

Criterion Collection 2225166 - With her glamorous stage entrance and one inviting smile, she sparks the lives of the parties involved into a game of love and loyalty that barely masks each player's percolating insecurities. Shrink-wrapped. Through witty dialogue, theatrical direction, and an ensemble cast, director Ingmar Bergman delivers a raw exhibition of human desire.

Distinguished lawyer frederik egerman lives with Anne, young wife, and Petra, a forlorn student of the cloth, his son Henrik, his picturesque, the flirtatious yet sensible maid. One summer evening frederik takes Anne to see a play starring his former lover Desirée, the veteran actress with an equally seasoned reputation.

The Magician The Criterion Collection

Criterion Collection 9445678 - The magician ansiktet, fanny and alexander, directed by Ingmar Bergman The Seventh Seal, is an engaging, brilliantly conceived tale of deceit from one of cinema’s premier illusionists. Max von sydow the virgin Spring, The Exorcist stars as Dr. Vogler, eminently rational minister of health, a mid-nineteenth-century traveling mesmerist and peddler of potions whose magic is put to the test by a small town’s cruel, Dr.

Shrink-wrapped. The result is a diabolically clever battle of wits that’s both frightening and funny, shot in rich, gorgeously gothic black and white. Vergerus wild Strawberries’ Gunnar Bjornstrand. Factory sealed DVD.

Summer with Monika Criterion Collection

Criterion Collection 25176746 - Inspired by the earthy eroticism of his muse harriet Andersson Through a Glass Darkly, in the first of her many roles for him, Ingmar Bergman Wild Strawberries had a major international breakthrough with this ravaging, sensual tale of young love. Was reedited by its distributor into something more salacious, but the original Summer with Monika, as presented here, is a work of stunning maturity and one of Bergman's most important films.

Factory sealed DVD. Shrink-wrapped. In stockholm, romantic summer at the beach, a girl Andersson and boy The Magician's Lars Ekborg from working-class families run away from home to spend a secluded, far from parents and responsibilities. The version originally released in the U. S. Inevitably, it is not long before the pair is forced to return to reality.

The Ingmar Bergman Trilogy Through a Glass Darkly / Winter Light / The Silence The Criterion Collection

Criterion Collection 2225118 - Shrink-wrapped. Utilizing a new cameraman—the incomparable sven nykvist—Bergman unleashed Through a Glass Darkly, and The Silence in rapid succession, Winter Light, exposing moviegoers worldwide to a new level of intellectual and emotional intensity. Already a figure of tremendous international acclaim for such masterworks as The Seventh Seal, Bergman turned his back on the abundant symbolism and exotic imagery of his ‘50s work to focus on a series of impacted, Wild Strawberries, and The Virgin Spring, emotionally explosive chamber dramas examining faith and alienation in the modern age.

Each film employs minimal dialogue, harriet andersson, eerily isolated settings, Gunnar Bjornstrand, and searing performances from such Bergman regulars as Max von Sydow, Ingrid Thulin and Gunnel Lindblom in their evocation of a desperate world confronted with God’s desertion. The criterion collection is proud to present The Ingmar Bergman Trilogy: Through a Glass Darkly, Winter Light, and The Silence.

The Ingmar Bergman Trilogy Through a Glass Darkly / Winter Light / The Silence The Criterion Collection - Drawing on bergman’s own severely religious upbringing and ensuing spiritual crisis, the films in the Trilogy are deeply personal, challenging, and enriching works that exhibit the filmmaker’s peerless formal mastery and fierce intelligence. Factory sealed DVD. At the beginning of the 1960s, renowned film director Ingmar Bergman began work on what were to become some of his most powerful and representative works—the Trilogy.


Autumn Sonata Criterion Collection

Criterion Collection 27492585 - Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Over the course of a long, painful night that the two spend together after an extended separation, they finally confront the bitter discord of their relationship. Shrink-wrapped. This cathartic pas de deux, evocatively shot in burnished harvest colors by the great Sven Nykvist Fanny and Alexander, ranks among Ingmar Bergman’s major dramatic works.

Autumn sonata was the only collaboration between cinema’s two great Bergmans—Ingmar, and Ingrid, the iconic director of The Seventh Seal, the monumental star of Casablanca. The grand dame, playing an icy concert pianist, is matched beat for beat in ferocity by the filmmaker’s recurring lead Liv Ullmann Scenes from a Marriage as her eldest daughter.

Autumn Sonata Criterion Collection - Factory sealed DVD.

Sawdust and Tinsel The Criterion Collection

Criterion Collection 3342496 - Shrink-wrapped. Factory sealed DVD. Shrink-wrapped. Ingmar bergman presents the battle of the sexes as a ramshackle, grotesque carnival in this, one of the late master s most vivid early works. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. The story of the twisted relationship between a turn-of-the-century traveling circus owner Ake Grönberg and his performer girlfriend Harriet Andersson, Sawdust and Tinsel features dreamlike detours and twisted psychosexual power play that presage the director s Smiles of a Summer Night and The Seventh Seal, works that would soon change the landscape of art cinema forever.

Eclipse Series 1: Early Bergman Torment / Crisis / Port of Call / Thirst / To Joy The Criterion Collection

Criterion Collection 2250647 - Shrink-wrapped. Crisis 1946 urban beauty-shop proprietress miss jenny arrives in an idyllic rural town one morning to whisk away her eighteen-year-old daughter, whom she abandoned as a child, Nelly, from the loving woman who had raised her. Shrink-wrapped. Thirst 1949 a couple traveling across a war-ravaged Europe.

A ballet dancer's scarred past. Shrink-wrapped. Featuring: torment 1944 in ingmar bergman's first produced screenplay, Widgren, a boarding-school senior, the dark coming-of-age drama Torment, is terrorized by his sadistic Latin teacher. Shrink-wrapped. Haunted by a troubled past and held in a vice grip by her domineering mother, Berit begins to hope that her relationship with Gosta might save her from her own self-destruction.

Eclipse Series 1: Early Bergman Torment / Crisis / Port of Call / Thirst / To Joy The Criterion Collection - Factory sealed DVD. When he falls for bertha, a troubled local girl, he finds himself caught up even further in a web of emotional mind games. Her friend's psychological agony. Played out to the music of beethoven, To Joy is a heartbreaking tale of one man's inability to overcome the demons standing in the way of his happiness Shrink-wrapped.

Once in stockholm, Nelly receives a crash course in adult corruption and wrenching heartbreak. Port of call 1948 berit, unexpectedly falls for Gosta, a suicidal young woman living in a working-class port town, a sailor on leave. Elliptically told in flashbacks, Thirst shows people enslaved to memory and united in isolation.

Fanny and Alexander The Criterion Collection Theatrical Version

Criterion Collection 2225220 - Factory sealed DVD. Through the wide eyes of ten-year-old alexander Bertil Guve, we witness the great delights and conflicts of the Ekdahl family—a sprawling, convivial bourgeois clan living in turn-of-the-century Sweden. Intended as ingmar bergman’s swan song, fanny and Alexander Fanny och Alexander is the legendary filmmaker’s warmest and most autobiographical film, a triumph that combines his trademark melancholy and emotional rigor with immense joyfulness and sensuality.

. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped.

The Seventh Seal The Criterion Collection

Criterion Collection 5457535 - Shrink-wrapped. Few films have had as large a cultural impact as Ingmar Bergman's The Seventh Seal Det sjunde inseglet. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Much studied; imitated; even parodied; but never outdone; Bergman's stunning allegory of man's search for meaning was one of the benchmark foreign imports of America's 1950s art house heyday; pushing cinema's boundaries and ushering in a new era of moviegoing.

Factory sealed DVD. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Disillusioned and exhausted after a decade of battling in the Crusades; a knight Max von Sydow encounters Death on a desolate beach and challenges him to a fateful game of chess. Shrink-wrapped.

Wild Strawberries: Essential Art House

Criterion Collection 4157645 - Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Factory sealed DVD. Shrink-wrapped. Weaving a tapestry of memory and dreams, Ingmar Bergman delves into the past of aged professor Isak Borg, en route to receive an award from his alma mater for a life he no longer understands. Shrink-wrapped.

Following directly on the heels of his international breakthrough The Seventh Seal, the alternately warm and nightmarish Wild Strawberries cemented Bergman as the leading art-house visionary of his era. Shrink-wrapped.