Sleep, My Child, Forever: The Riveting True Story of a Mother Who Murdered Her Own Children

But in reality, financially strapped, she was unequipped for motherhood, and desperate. While neighbors wondered how Boehm remained so calm through it all, Det.  . Sgt. Using police reports, and photos, case documents, journalist John Coston recreates the events that led to one mother’s unspeakable acts of filicide—and a cop’s relentless pursuit of the truth.

Joseph Burgoon of St. Within a year of each other, died mysteriously, her sons, ages two and four, and Boehm’s eight-year-old daughter then suffered a near-fatal mishap when a hair dryer fell into the girl’s bath. The dark double life of ellen Boehm, the mother who murdered her two sons—and nearly killed her daughter.

Louis, missouri, appeared devoted to her children. Louis Homicide had darker suspicions. Boehm had taken out insurance policies on her children with six different companies totaling nearly $100, 000 Burgoon soon unraveled a labyrinth of deception, greed, and obsession that revealed a cold-blooded killer whose get-rich-quick scheme came at the cost of her children’s lives.

Ellen boehm, a single mom from St.

While She Slept: A Husband, a Wife, a Brutal Murder

But their relationship wasn't as happy as it seemed. In the aftermath, jeff claimed that his wife had started stabbing him with a kitchen knife--and that was the reason for his taking a Louisville slugger straight to her head. Two kids, a dog, a nice house of the picket fence variety. She received a visitor.

On october 27th of that same year, staffers at the University Hospital in Syracuse New York, noticed a strange-looking guy lurking in the hallway wearing a wig and outdoor boots. Six months later, she was dead. She lay in a coma for nearly six months, and just as she started to show signs of coming out of it.

. Jeff and jill Cahill seemed to have it all. When jill cahill was leaving to return home after visiting with her family for a week, she turned to her sister with a grin, and said: "If Jeff kills me, you can have all my things. A few days later, she was in a coma in a Syracuse hospital, her skull shattered by a savage beating inflicted by her 37-year-old husband.

Jeff and jill had been having serious financial problems and were headed towards divorce, legally separated but living in the same house until Jill could afford to move out. But on april 21, 1996 jeff and Jill had a torrid argument while their kids were upstairs sleeping. When jill's nurse went to check on her patient, with bruises around her mouth, she found her gasping for air, and white powder later to be determined as cyanide flecked across her chest.

Because You Loved Me Pinnacle True Crime

Michael M. He has appeared on dozens of national radio and television programs, Geraldo at Large and Montel Williams, The Discovery Channel, Good Morning America, including Court TV, and has consulted for the Showtime cable television series Dexter. If only she'd known that the life in danger was her own.

Phelps is a first-rate investigator. Dr. What monster had struck in the heart of a peaceful New England town? A Trust BetrayedJeanne was a hard-working single mother. He lives in a small Connecticut farming community with his wife and children. But it was nicole's stunning confession and guilty plea that led to Billy's sensational trial, where a sordid tale of love, loss, betrayal and murder finally took a cold-blooded killer offline--and on line for justice.

Once the lovers met in person, Jeanne's motherly instincts sensed trouble. More than forty stab wounds and blows to her head with a blunt instrument had cut her life short. A life takenjeanne Dominico's fiancé found her body on her kitchen floor. Nicole, her fourteen-year-old daughter was on the honor-roll and head over heels in love--with an eighteen-year-old man she'd known only through the Internet.

Baden includes 16 pages Of Shocking Photos Investigative journalist M. In the name of lovewith a history of psychological trouble and family misfortune, Billy Sullivan's obsessive and controlling power over Nicole contributed to the brutal slaying of her mother.

By Their Father's Hand: The Wesson Clan

But on march 12, 2004, gunshots were heard inside the Wesson home, and police officers responding to what they believed was a routine domestic disturbance were horrified by the senseless carnage they discovered when they entered. By their father's hand is a chilling true story of incest, madness, abuse, manipulative man—a cultist who envisioned vengeful gods and vampires, and one family's terrible and ultimately fatal ordeal at the hands of a powerful, and murder, and totally controlled those closest to him before their world came to a brutal and bloody halt.

Neighbors were unaware of what went on behind the tightly closed doors of a house in Fresno, 300-pound Marcus Wesson, California—the home of an imposing, his wife, nieces, children, and grandchildren.

Die, My Love: A True Story of Revenge, Murder, and Two Texas Sisters

Could she?so began an investigation into one of the most bizarre cases virginia and Texas law enforcement agencies had ever encountered: a twisted conspiracy of lies, manipulation, rage, paranoia, and savage murder that would ensnare an entire family—including two lethally close look-alike sisters—and reveal the shocking depravities possible when a dangerously disordered mind slips into madness.

But piper was in houston, one thousand miles away, at the time of the slaying and couldn't possibly have been the killer. That morning, a neighbor discovered his body lying in a pool of blood in the driveway of Jablin's Virginia home. Police immediately turned their attentions to the victim's ex-wife, a petite, Piper, pretty Texas lawyer who had lost a bitter custody battle and would do anything to get her kids back.

. The day before halloween 2004 was the last day on Earth for respected, well-liked college professor Fred Jablin.

The Darkest Night: Two Sisters, a Brutal Murder, and the Loss of Innocence in a Small Town

Neither could Becky, the surviving sister. The girls would suffer unspeakable crimes at the hands of these men before being thrown from a bridge into the North Platte River. When they finish their shopping, Becky's car gets a flat tire. But they were anything but Good Samaritans. The two men who violated her and Amy were sentenced to life in prison, but the demons of her past kept haunting Becky.

. Until she met her fate years later at the same bridge where she'd lost her sister. One car ride. A monstrous fate. Casper, wyoming:1973. One miraculously survived. Two sisters. Two men politely offer them a ride home. Eleven-year-old amy burridge rides with her eighteen-year-old sister, Becky, to the grocery store.

The other did not. Years later, rape, author and journalist ron franscell--who lived in Casper at the time of the crime, and was a friend to Amy and Becky--can't forget Wyoming's most shocking story of abduction, and murder.

A Death in White Bear Lake: The True Chronicle of an All-American Town

A mother’s search for the son she gave up uncovers terrifying secrets in a Minnesota town in this “masterfully depicted true-crime tale” Publishers Weekly. To all appearances, they were a normal midwestern family, but Jerry suspected that something sinister had happened in the Jurgens household. In 1962, dennis, jerry Sherwood gave up her newborn son, for adoption.

The immediate cause was peritonitis, natural causes, writing “deferred” rather than indicate accident, but the coroner had never decided the mode of death, or homicide. A finalist for the edgar award, a death in white bear lake is “a distinguished entry in the annals of crime documentary, ” and a vivid portrait of the all-American town that harbored a sadistic killer The Washington Post.

Why did authorities dismiss evidence that marked dennis as an endangered child? could lois jurgens’s brother, have interfered in the investigation? And most disturbing of all, a local police lieutenant, why had so many people who’d witnessed Lois’s brutal treatment of her children stay silent for so long? Determined to find answers, local detectives and prosecutors rebuilt the case brick by brick, finally exposing the shocking truth behind a nightmare in suburbia.

She demanded to know the truth about her son’s death. This he did even though the autopsy photos showed Dennis covered from head to toe in ugly bruises, his clenched fists and twisted facial expression suggesting he had died writhing in pain. Twenty years later, she set out to find him—only to discover he had died before his fourth birthday.

Harold and lois jurgens, churchgoing couple in picturesque White Bear Lake, a middle-class, Minnesota, had adopted Dennis and five other foster children.

To Kill and Kill Again: The Terrifying True Story of Montana's Baby-Faced Serial Sex Murderer

A true story with an incredible twist, terrified a community, stumped the authorities, written by former Wall Street Journal editor John Coston and complete with photos, To Kill and Kill Again reveals the disturbing compulsions of a charming serial killer who fooled everyone he knew, and nearly got away with it.

Nance’s only requirement for murder was accessibility—a preacher’s wife, a female acquaintance, a teenage runaway, a married couple. Then, one september night, thirty-year-old Nance pushed his luck, preying on a couple who lived to tell the tale. The twelve-year rampage of “missoula mauler” wayne nance—and the shocking end to his murder spree To his neighbors, considerate, Wayne Nance, Montana, appeared to be an affable, a furniture mover from Missoula, and trustworthy guy.

No one knew that nance was the “missoula mauler, ” a psychopath responsible for a series of sadistic sex slayings that rocked the idyllic town between 1974 and 1986.  . Putting on a friendly façade, he could easily gain his victims’ trust.

Dead Ends: The Pursuit, Conviction, and Execution of Serial Killer Aileen Wuornos

When police in florida’s volusia county were called to investigate the murder of Richard Mallory, whose gunshot-ridden body had been found in the woods just north of Daytona Beach in December 1989, their search led them to a string of dead ends before the trail went cold six months later. The police speculated that the murders were connected, Aileen Wuornos, but they never anticipated what they’d soon discover: The killings were the work of a single culprit, one of the first women to ever fit the profile of a serial killer.

. During the spring and summer of 1990, the bodies of six more middle-aged white men were discovered—all in secluded areas near their abandoned vehicles, all but one shot dead with a. 22 caliber pistol—and all without any suspects, motives, or leads. Written by the reuters reporter who initially broke the story, trial, Dead Ends is a thrilling firsthand account of Wuornos’s capture, and ultimate sentencing to death by lethal injection, that goes beyond the media frenzy to reveal the even more disturbing truth.

The nation was quickly swept up in the drama of her trial and the media dubbed her the “Damsel of Death” as horrifying details of her past as a prostitute and drifter emerged. The chilling true story of female serial killer Aileen Wuornos, whose violent crimes shocked the nation—and inspired the Academy Award–winning film Monster.

With the cooperation of her former lover and accomplice, Tyria Moore, the police were able to solicit a confession from Wuornos about her months-long killing spree along Florida’s interstate highways.

A Checklist for Murder: The True Story of Robert John Peernock

He hired and fired lawyers multiple times, deadlocking juries and spinning a web of lies. He didn’t foresee that his daughter would survive, her attempted murder, and horrendous injuries, and even with years of abuse, he never anticipated that she would speak so powerfully against him. Even when he and his wife separated, it seemed amicable, just a small bump for the well-to-do family.

 . Robert peernock appeared to have the ideal life. But there was madness in his house: In private, subtly manipulative, Peernock was violent, and bordering on psychotic. But the horrifying details of his home life would only come to light after Peernock finally lost all control. Peernock had come home, and deliberately sent them to their death behind the wheel, brutally beat both his wife and daughter, force fed them alcohol, staging it to look like a drunk driving accident.

As seen on investigation discovery: the story of killer husband and father Robert Peernock from the New York Times–bestselling author of Impossible Odds. Throughout his trial, Peernock claimed a massive government conspiracy against him. New york times–bestselling author anthony flacco chronicles the sensational trial and all the terror that preceded it, looking deep into the mind of a deranged killer whose American dream was a waking nightmare for those trapped within it.

Working as a pyrotechnics engineer and computer expert and coming home to his wife and daughter, Peernock projected the American dream.

Mother's Day

But eventually, rage, the truth about her monstrous abuse emerged—and here, an award-winning journalist details the jealousy, and domineering behavior that escalated into homicide and shattered a family. A former reporter for the new york times and los angelestimes and the author of true-crime classics including Angel of Darkness, and Blood Cold, about serial killer Randy Kroft, about Robert Blake and Bonny Lee Bakley, Dennis McDougal reveals the shocking depths of depravity behind a case that made headlines across the nation.

But this wasn’t the first horrific crime she’d committed against her own children. In june 1985, theresa cross knorr dumped her daughter Sheila’s body in California’s desolate High Sierra. At first, she was met with disbelief by law enforcement and even her own therapist. It would be almost a decade before her youngest daughter, Terry Knorr Graves, revealed her mother’s history of unfathomable violence.

The previous summer, knorr had shot sheila’s sister Suesan, then ordered her son to dig the bullet out of the girl’s back with a knife to hide the evidence. The true story of theresa knorr, the twisted child abuser who murdered her daughters—with the help of her sons—told by a former New York Times reporter.

She had beaten sheila unconscious in their Sacramento apartment days earlier, then locked her in a closet to die. The infection that resulted led to delirium—at which point Knorr and her two sons drove Suesan into the mountains, doused her with gasoline, and set her on fire.  .