My Mother’s Secret: A warm family drama full of humour and heartache

Headline - My mother's secret is a thought-provoking novel about a family reeling from the news that nothing about their parents' marriage is what they believed it to be, perfect for fans of Kerry Lonsdale and Jamie Beck. The trouble is, it's not going to be for the reasons they imagined. A page-turner that does not disappoint' Anne M.

Miskewitch, Library Journal. When steffie helps her two siblings organize a surprise wedding anniversary party for their parents her only worry is whether they'll be pleased. What she doesn't know is this is the day that her whole world will be turned upside down. Jenny wants to be able to celebrate her ruby anniversary with the man she loves, but for forty years she has kept a secret.

My Mother's Secret: A warm family drama full of humour and heartache - A secret that she can't bear to hide any longer. But is it ever the right time to hurt the people closest to you?As the entire family gather to toast the happy couple, they're expecting a day to remember. From the bestselling author of THE MISSING WIFE: 'Captivating.

What Happened That Night: The page-turning holiday read by the No. 1 bestselling author

Headline - For worse. Thenwhen lola fitzpatrick catches the eye of Philip Warren, she's new to Dublin and loving it. Sheila o'flanagan is the bestselling author of the missing wife, and her new bestseller WHAT HAPPENED THAT NIGHT will enchant readers who love the novels of Liane Moriarty and Kerry Lonsdale. Another smash from sheila o'flanagan' amazon reviewer, life-affirming read that is not your traditional 'romcom', but offers so much more' Amazon reviewer, 5 stars'A great, warm, 5 stars'This is an exquisite book - everyone who loves a family story will love this book.

For better. Ready to change your life?' Goodreads reviewer, 5 stars'Excellent book. He's used to getting what he wants. And she can't resist him. Until one night he forces her to make an impossible choice. If she'd known then what she knows now, everything might have been different. Nowlola's daughter bey has inherited her mother's impulsive streak and it takes her down dangerous paths.

What Happened That Night: The page-turning holiday read by the No. 1 bestselling author - Then one night she too finds herself in front of a man she loves, with impossible choices of her own to make. For both women, what happened that night changes everything.

Better Together

Headline - When sheridan loses her job as a journalist at Dublin's biggest newspaper, she's determined to come back fighting. Sheridan Gray has discovered a secret. Forced to take a position in a small country town, this seems impossible. But it would also hurt those she loves. An unputdownable novel from bestselling author of THE MISSING WIFE and WHAT HAPPENED THAT NIGHT.

Perfect for fans of Kathryn Hughes and Emily Bleeker. Until she discovers that the closer she gets to a certain handsome man in the town, the tougher it is to expose their secrets. When it comes to love or success, will Sheridan go with her heart or her head? Sharing it would get her career back on track.

Yours, Faithfully

Headline - A page-turner that does not disappoint' Anne M. Now all she needs is a baby and her life will be perfect. Sheila o'flangan's wonderfully gripping and touching novel YOURS, FAITHFULLY is essential reading for fans of Emily Bleeker and Liane Moriarty. Miskewitch, Library Journal. Iona brannock has always been impatient.

But their two worlds are about to collide in the most shocking way. She has a beautiful daughter, a loving husband and a great job. Her life is complete. But a surprise pregnancy is about to change everything. Two women - strangers leading separate lives. From the bestselling author of THE MISSING WIFE: 'Captivating.

Yours, Faithfully - . Sally harper has been blissfully married for almost twenty years. Not one to hang around, she married her gorgeous husband just months after meeting him and they have lived happily ever since.

Far From Over: A refreshing romance novel of humour and warmth

Headline - 2 isn't all she's imagined, always aware of how Gemma coped with a house, family and job while she can't even cook dinner without setting the kitchen alight. Sheila o'flanagan's bestseller far from oveR is a captivating novel for anyone who ever wondered if they made the right decision about the man they used to love.

To david, who has loved them both, there isn't a problem. So why is she so upset when he marries bimbo orla o'neill? is it that Orla's thin and gorgeous whilst Gemma, feels more like fifty-five? Or that David's starting a new life whilst she's facing middle age alone? For Orla, at thirty-five, being wife no.

Far From Over: A refreshing romance novel of humour and warmth - But actually the trouble's just begun. Not to be missed by readers of Kerry Lonsdale and Emily Bleeker. Gemma garvey's marriage has been over for ages. Gemma ended it and chose to be a single mother rather than continue the pretence that her marriage to work-obsessed David Hennessy was working.

Bad Behaviour: A captivating tale of friendship, romance and revenge

Headline - Until nieve stole the heart of Aidan, the boy Darcey had fallen in love with while Nieve was travelling. They're coming home to have the wedding of a lifetime at Ireland's most expensive hotel. Aidan was going to propose the very night Nieve caught his eye, and Darcey had seen the ring. Sheila o'flanagan's bestseller bad behaviour is an irresistible tale of friendship, love and sweet revenge, not to be missed by readers of Kathryn Hughes and Jamie Beck.

Will darcey be there? will there be fireworks? And can the past be put to rest at last? For the next ten years she's been haunted by the memory of her humiliation. And then the invitation comes: to the wedding of Aidan and Nieve, neither of whom she's seen since they left Ireland for life in the USA. No career success, no comfort her eccentric but loving family can offer, not even short-lived marriage to Neil, can console her.

Bad Behaviour: A captivating tale of friendship, romance and revenge - Reviewers love sheila's books: 'An exciting love story with a deliciously romantic denouement' Sunday ExpressDarcey and Nieve were best friends for life.

Things We Never Say

Headline - The things we never say:A daughter doesn't say how she feels about the past. A husband is afraid to say that selling the house his wife loves is the only option. A woman hasn't said that even though they live thousands of miles apart, this man is always on her mind. If those things were said, the results could be life-changing.

Sheila o'flanagan's unputdownable bestseller THINGS WE NEVER SAY is a must-read for fans of Jamie Beck and Liane Moriarty. As abbey - and a whole family she knew nothing of - are about to find out in this warm-hearted, thought-provoking and touching novel.

The Missing Wife

Grand Central Publishing - So why has she left? and how will she survive without Vince?What goes on behind closed doors is often a surprise, and Imogen surprises herself by taking the leap she knows she must. She's always said how lucky she is. But as she begins her journey to find the woman she once was, Imogen's past is right behind her.

. Will it catch up with her? And will she be ready to face it if it does? Her handsome husband treats her like a princess. She has a perfect marriage. Have you ever wanted to run away?an enthralling tale of a desperate wife's secret summer in southern France from Ireland's #1 bestselling authorWhen Imogen Naughton vanishes, everyone who knows her is shocked.

The Hideaway: Escape for the summer with the riveting No. 1 bestseller

Headline - But just when she begins to feel whole again, another bombshell drops. Juno might have run away from her secrets, but the past isn't finished with her. The sultry Spanish location is wonderfully escapist. What would you do if you discovered you were living a lie?When a shocking news report shatters Juno Ryan's world, she suddenly finds herself without the man she loves - and with no way of getting the answers she needs.

Juno flees to the enchanting Villa Naranja in Spain. The no. Perfect for readers of Catherine Alliott and Marian Keyes. 1 bestseller'the perfect book to take on your summer hols' heat **** the breathtaking new novel from Sunday Times bestselling Sheila O'Flanagan, author of THE MISSING WIFE and WHAT HAPPENED THAT NIGHT.

The Hideaway: Escape for the summer with the riveting No. 1 bestseller - The blue skies and orange groves - along with Pep, the local winemaker's handsome son - begin to soothe her broken heart. A captivating, this sunny, evocative story is the perfect place to hide away' S Magazine'A feel-good story told by a funny and down-to-earth heroine' Woman'A hugely enjoyable romance, sun-soaked read' Daily Express'If you're seeking an escape of your own, written with pace and heart.

It will make you long to jump on a plane yourself' sunday mirror'a beautiful backdrop to the story of a woman finding acceptance and new beginnings' Woman & Home'Perfect for those lazy, hazy days' Sun'Pure escapism' Candis'You'll race through this warm, heart-felt read' Best'Page-turner' Bella.

Caroline's Sister: A powerful tale full of secrets, surprises and family ties

Headline - To her younger sister, tessa, easy charm, Caroline O'Shaughnessy seems to have everything - great looks, and the distinctly desirable Damien Woods.1 bestselling author sheila o'flanagan is an unforgettable tale of family ties, secrets and surprises - not to be missed by readers of Kathryn Hughes and Kerry Lonsdale.

Caroline's sister by No. But for caroline, things don't feel quite so rosy. She'd dreamed about moving in with Damien, but not about having his child, just yet. And though he did the honourable thing when she told him she was pregnant, it obviously wasn't what he wanted either. And as both of them struggle to make the best of a bad job, neither is prepared for the impact a moment of drunken indiscretion will have not just on their lives but on Tessa's too.

Follow Me

Headline - When she spots a gorgeous man who seems to be following her everywhere she goes, she wonders if fate is trying to throw them together. But with her job on the line can she afford to make time for this handsome, mysterious stranger? Follow me is a fabulously warm, witty and romantic novella from the No. 1 bestselling author Sheila O'Flanagan.

A wonderful read, perfect for fans of Kerry Lonsdale and Liane Moriarty. Pippa jones seems to have it all. The only thing that the high-flying career girl is missing is love.