Letters, The

20th Century Fox 35221643 - Her selfless devotion to helping the poor changed hearts, transformed lives and inspired millions throughout the world. Includes the following:**theatrical feature **audio commentary featuring William Riead, Rutger Hauer and Priya Darshini **Behind the Scenes of The Letters **Theatrical Trailer **Digital HD Shrink-wrapped.

Told througha series of personal letters, this powerful film is an unforgettable journey of faith, courage and compassion. Based on her true story, the letters explores the life s work of Nobel Peace Prize recipient Mother Teresa, one of the greatest humanitarians of all time.

Mother Teresa

Ignatius Press - Dvd. She influenced the decisions of the most powerful men on Earth, although she always stayed close to the poorest people of the world. English Unknown, Spanish Unknown. She was regarded as one of the most significant personalities of the 20th Century, although she never owned more than a white and blue sari.

Includes a 16 page Collector's Companion Booklet. Ntsc. This dvd contains the following languages: English with English or Spanish subtitles. Her faith and good works transcended hardships and ultimately earned her international acclaim, including the Nobel Peace prize. The movie examines the fundamental moments of mother teresa's life from her childhood in Albania in the 1920s to her first calling as a nun, the vicissitudes of founding the Congregation of the Missionaries of Charity, the decision to leave her order and live with the poorest of the poor, and her great work of service in Calcutta and the rest of the world.

Mother Teresa - A shrewd diplomat and an indomitable force, Mother Teresa was unwilling to accept what others deemed impossible, fearlessly fighting for the unloved and the forgotten. The complete, unedited, original full-length 177 minute film never before seen on DVD. 177. In an acclaimed film portrayal, the selfless missionary who brought hope, Olivia Hussey illuminates the life story of Mother Teresa of Calcutta, love and salvation to the poorest of the poor.

The many small miracles, great charity and humble triumphs of Mother Teresa will inspire you in this poignant tale of a modern-day saint.

Francis Of Assisi

20th Century Fox 2218566 - Dvd. Shrink-wrapped. Francis, 13th-century Monk Who Talked To Animals. 1. Lavish Bio Of St. Ntsc. 177. English Unknown, Spanish Unknown.


Xenon Pictures - 1. Factory sealed DVD. English Unknown, Spanish Unknown. ThÉrÈse tells the story of a young girl who fell in love with Jesus Christ and demonstrated a path of spirituality through the actions of unconditional love, human compassion, and her "Little Way" to the modern world. Dvd. This inspiring true story is told through simple narrative which invites the audience to contemplate and apply such spirituality in their own modern lives, regardless of one's own faith or religious background.

. Shrink-wrapped. Ntsc. 177.

Full of Grace

Cinedigm 35235005 - Arriving at mary s home after years of traveling, preaching and narrowly escaping death, Peter expresses the overwhelming responsibility of preaching the word amidst heresies and conflict. Set ten years after the Resurrection,  Mary, eagerly awaits the return of the apostle Peter. Shrink-wrapped. Providing the encouragement only a mother can,  Peter re-discovers the truth: he is not leading, he is following and walking in the light of God.

Dvd. Full of grace: the story of Mary the Mother of Jesus Movie. 1. English Unknown, Spanish Unknown. 177. ". Behold your mother" -Jn. 19:26there is one person in scripture that had the experience of living thirty years with Jesus from birth through His resurrection: Mary. Ntsc. His Mother. After a full life lived with the son of god, fleeing into Egypt, losing him in the temple and seeing him placed upon the cross- Mary is living her final earthly days pondering her life with Jesus.

Padre Pio Miracle Man

Ignatius Press - Factory sealed DVD. English Unknown, Spanish Unknown. It reveals the amazing details and events in padre pio's life as a boy and throughout his 50 years as a friar, dramatizing the frequent attacks of the Devil on him, as well as the persecution he suffered at the hands of people, including those in the church.

Ntsc. Shrink-wrapped. 1. 177. Dubbed in English. Full of grace: the story of Mary the Mother of Jesus Movie. Starring italian actor sergio castellitto, and directed by Carlo Carlei, this is an outstanding feature film on the amazing life of this great saint. This dvd contains the following language options: Italian or Spanish with English subtitles.

Padre Pio Miracle Man - Dvd. This movie captures the capuchin friar's intense faith and devotion, and deep spiritual concern for others, as well as his great compassion for the sick and suffering.

Faustina: The Apostle of Divine Mercy

Ignatius Press - Factory sealed DVD. He also requested from sister faustina that an image be painted and venerated of him and his Divine Mercy, and asked that we pray especially the Chaplet of Mercy. This dvd contains the following languages: Polish with English or Spanish subtitles. It tells the story of her mystical experiences as a nun living in a convent in Poland in the early 20th century.

The story and film are based on her own writings from her "Diary", which has become a worldwide best-selling spiritual work. English Unknown, Spanish Unknown. Film includes a 30 minute bonus extra of the "Making Of" the movie. 177. This award-winning movie is a beautiful representation of the mystical life of St.

Faustina: The Apostle of Divine Mercy - Actress dorota segda received great critical acclaim by European film critics for her stunning portrayal of Sister Faustina. Full of grace: the story of Mary the Mother of Jesus Movie. Dvd. She was canonized by pope john Paul II in 2000 as the first saint of the new millennium. It is to her that jesus appeared and commanded that she be his instrument for promoting devotion to his Divine Mercy, and that the Feast of Divine Mercy be established and celebrated on the Sunday after Easter.

Ignatius of Loyola: Soldier - Saint - Sinner

Ignatius Press - Special dvd features 16 page collector's booklet 5 "Making Of" film segments: Planning the Film 9 mins. The director's Vision 10 mins. Meet the Cast 13 mins. Production Design 14 mins. Lighting the Film 12 mins. The movie about Ignatius of Loyola is a masterpiece. 1. Factory sealed DVD. English Unknown, Spanish Unknown.

Schall, sj, professor emeritus, georgetown university "A vibrant portrayal of an amazing story of God's grace! This film captures the drama of Ignatius Loyola's conversion and surrender to God. Ad majorem Dei gloriam!"-- Fr. Through it all, he would come to see the hand of God working in his life, shaping the self-obsessed sinner into the loyal and passionate soldier-saint.

Ignatius of Loyola: Soldier - Saint - Sinner - Full of grace: the story of Mary the Mother of Jesus Movie. This account of his early life is both gripping and moving, not to be missed. James V. Watching this film will bring new depth to our inner lives that seek ways to build faith and courage. Mother dolores hart, osb, author, the ear of the heart: an Actress' Journey from Hollywood to Holy Vows "Ignatius of Loyola is the story of an extraordinary missionary disciple of Jesus Christ.

I was inspired by the incredible story of holiness in this movie, and you will be too. Most reverend james conley, Bishop of Lincoln, NE "This unusually powerful film is an instrument of grace.

The Drop Box

Virgil Films and Entertainment 34203628 - Factory sealed DVD. One frigid winter, a pastor finds an abandoned infant on his church steps and builds a heated hatch to rescue any others. 1. Shrink-wrapped. Dvd. It is a story about the forgotten, the discarded, the disabled, and the man who gives everything to protect them. The drop box documentary tells the true story of South Korean pastor Lee Jong-rak and his heroic efforts to embrace and protect abandoned children.

. Full of grace: the story of Mary the Mother of Jesus Movie. English Unknown, Spanish Unknown. Ntsc. 177.

Little Boy DVD

Universal Pictures Home Entertainment 34272122 - Shrink-wrapped. Dvd. Factory sealed DVD. Full of grace: the story of Mary the Mother of Jesus Movie. 1. 177. In a heartwarming tale of faith, hope and love, a little boy tries with all his might to achieve the impossible: bring his father home from war. Shrink-wrapped. Ntsc. English Unknown, Spanish Unknown.

The Life of John Paul II - Witness to Hope

Xenon 000799432921 - English Unknown, Spanish Unknown. This is a complete and intimate portrait of an extraordinary leader. Dvd. Full of grace: the story of Mary the Mother of Jesus Movie. Shrink-wrapped. Factory sealed DVD. 177. Shrink-wrapped. 1. Factory sealed DVD. Based on george weigel's best-selling biography now published in 12 languages.