History of Oral History: Foundations and Methodology

AltaMira Press - This handbook will be both a traveling guide and essential touchstone for anyone fascinated by this dynamic and expanding discipline. The eminent contributors discuss the history and methodologies of a field that once was the domain of history scholars who were responding to trends within the academy, but which has increasingly become democratized and widely used outside the realm of historical research.

Gathered here are parts i and II of the Handbook of Oral History, which set the benchmark for knowledge of the field.

Doing Oral History Oxford Oral History Oxford Oral History Series

Oxford University Press - New oral history projects have developed in areas that have undergone social and political upheavals, Africa, Asia, particularly in Eastern Europe, the Middle East, where the traditional archives reflect the old regimes, and Latin America. Teaching: the new edition addresses the use of oral history in online teaching.

Theory and memory: as a beginner's manual, Doing Oral History has not dealt extensively with theoretical issues, on the grounds that these emerge best from practice. 6. This basic manual offers detailed advice on setting up an oral history project, preserving oral history collections in archives and libraries, conducting interviews, making video recordings, and teaching and presenting oral history.

Doing Oral History Oxford Oral History Oxford Oral History Series - Using the existing q&a format, the third edition asks new questions and augments previous answers with new material, particularly in these areas: 1. 4. Projects that will still be relevant to an American audience. 3. 5. Information about web sites is expanded, and more discussion is provided about how other oral history projects have posted their interviews online.

Doing oral history is considered the premier guidebook to oral history, public historians, used by professional oral historians, archivists, and genealogists as a core text in college courses and throughout the public history community. Internationalism: perhaps the biggest development in the past decade has been the spreading of oral history around the world, facilitated in part by the International Oral History Association.

The Oral History Reader Routledge Readers in History

Routledge - Arranged in five thematic sections, each with an introduction by the editors to contextualise the selection and review relevant literature, and issues posed by the interview relationship The nature of memory and its significance in oral history The practical and ethical issues surrounding the interpretation, articles in this collection draw upon diverse oral history experiences to examine issues including: Key debates in the development of oral history over the past seventy years First hand reflections on interview practice, presentation and public use of oral testimonies how oral history projects contribute to the study of the past and involve the wider community.

Taylor & Francis. The oral history reader, is a comprehensive, now in its third edition, international anthology combining major, ‘classic’ articles with cutting-edge pieces on the theory, method and use of oral history. Twenty-seven new chapters introduce the most significant developments in oral history in the last decade to bring this invaluable text up to date, current thinking around traumatic memory, Australasia, with new pieces on emotions and the senses, and how oral history is being used in public contexts, Britain and Europe, on crisis oral history, with more international examples to draw in work from North and South America, the impact of digital mobile technologies, Asia and Africa.

The Oral History Reader Routledge Readers in History - The challenges and contributions of oral history projects committed to advocacy and empowerment With a revised and updated bibliography and useful contacts list, this third edition of The Oral History Reader is the perfect tool for those encountering oral history for the first time, as well as a dedicated online resources page, as well as for seasoned practitioners.

Oxford university Press USA.

Oral History Manual 2ED American Association for State and Local History

RL - Taylor & Francis. Used book in Good Condition. They then examine in detail the processes of planning and doing oral history, identifying narrators and interviewers, preparing for and recording interviews, which include articulating the purpose of interviews, choosing equipment, determining legal and ethical parameters, developing budgets and record-keeping systems, and caring for interview materials.

The oral history manual is designed to help anyone interested in doing oral history research to think like an oral historian. Recognizing that oral history is a research methodology, the authors first define oral history and provide an overview of its various applications. The oral history manual provides a road map for all oral history practitioners, from students to public historians.

Oral History Manual 2ED American Association for State and Local History - Oxford university Press USA.

Beyond Women's Words

Routledge - Using sherna berger gluck and daphne patai’s classic text, broadly defined, the wider field of oral history, have influenced, and multidisciplinary line-up of authors whose work highlights the great variety in understandings of, multi-generational, Women’s Words, and approaches to, and continue to influence, as a platform to reflect on how feminisms, this remarkable collection brings together an international, feminist oral histories.

Taylor & Francis. Through five thematic sections, oral history as performance, different theoretical approaches, feminism in diverse locales around the globe, digital oral history, the volume considers Indigenous modes of storytelling, and oral history as community-engagement. Used book in Good Condition.

Beyond women’s words is ideal for students of oral history, women’s and gender history, as well as activists, and Women’s and Gender Studies, anthropology, artists, public history, and community-engaged practitioners. Beyond women’s words unites feminist scholars, artists, and community activists working with the stories of women and other historically marginalized subjects to address the contributions and challenges of doing feminist oral history.

Beyond Women's Words - Feminists who work with oral history methods want to tell stories that matter. They know, too, that the telling of those stories―the processes by which they are generated and recorded, and the different contexts in which they are shared and interpreted―also matters―a lot. Oxford university Press USA.

The Death of Luigi Trastulli and Other Stories: Form and Meaning in Oral History SUNY series in Oral and Public History

SUNY Press - Oxford university Press USA. Portelli offers a new and challenging approach to oral history, with an interdisciplinary and multicultural perspective. Used book in Good Condition. Taylor & Francis. By recovering the value of the story-telling experience, Portelli’s work makes delightful reading for the specialist and non-specialist alike.

Examining cultural conflict and communication between social groups and classes in industrial societies, he identifies the way individuals strive to create memories in order to make sense of their lives, and evaluates the impact of the fieldwork experience on the consciousness of the researcher.

Oral History Off the Record: Toward an Ethnography of Practice Palgrave Studies in Oral History

Palgrave Macmillan - Used book in Good Condition. These reflections from oral historians provide honest and rigorous analyses of actual oral history practice that address the complexities of a human-centered methodology. Oxford university Press USA. Because oral history interviews are personal interactions between human beings, they rarely conform to a methodological ideal.

Taylor & Francis.

The Oral History Manual, Third Edition American Association for State and Local History

RL - Used book in Good Condition. The oral history manual is designed to help anyone interested in doing oral history research to think like an oral historian. Recognizing that oral history is a research methodology, the authors define oral history and then discuss the methodology in the context of the oral history life cycle – the guiding steps that take a practitioner from idea through access/use.

In this third edition, technology, and legal options incorporated into each chapter, memory, in addition to new information on methodology, a completely new chapter provides guidelines on how to analyze interview content for effective use of oral history interview information. The oral history manualprovides an updated and expanded road map and a solid introduction to oral history for all oral history practitioners, from students to community and public historians.

The Oral History Manual, Third Edition American Association for State and Local History - Oxford university Press USA. They examine how to articulate the purpose of an interview, develop budgets and record-keeping systems, care for interview materials, choose equipment, identify narrators and interviewers, determine legal and ethical parameters, prepare for and record interviews, and use the interview information.

Taylor & Francis.

Oral History Theory

Routledge - Oral history is increasingly acknowledged as a key tool for anyone studying the history of the recent past, and Oral History Theory provides a comprehensive, systematic and accessible overview of this important field. Structured around key themes such as the peculiarities of oral history, subjectivity and intersubjectivity, the study of the self, narrative, power and trauma, each chapter provides a clear and user-friendly explanation of the various theoretical approaches, memory, performance, illustrating these with examples from the rich field of published oral history and making suggestions for the practicing oral historian.

Oxford university Press USA. Supplemented by a new companion website www. Routledge. Com/cw/abrams containing a comprehensive range of case studies, audio material and further resources, professionals, this book will be invaluable to experienced and novice oral historians, and students who are new to the discipline.

Oral History Theory - Combining the study of theories drawn from disciplines ranging from linguistics to psychoanalysis with the observations of practitioners and including extensive examples of oral history practice from around the world, this book constitutes the first integrated discussion of oral history theory. Taylor Francis.

Taylor & Francis. Used book in Good Condition. This second edition includes a new chapter on trauma and ethics, a preface discussing new developments in the field and updated glossary and further reading sections.

Oral History and Public Memories Critical Perspectives On The P

Temple University Press - Used book in Good Condition. Taylor & Francis. Used book in Good Condition. Oxford university Press USA. And what distinguishes them from other work in memory studies is their grounding in real events. What distinguishes these essays from much work in oral history is their focus not on the experience of individual narrators, but on the broader cultural meanings of oral history narratives.

Taylor Francis.

Rigoberta Menchu and the Story of All Poor Guatemalans: New Foreword by Elizabeth Burgos

Routledge - Used book in Good Condition. Taylor Francis. This expanded edition includes a new foreword from elizabeth burgos, Rigoberta Menchú, the editor of I, as well as a new afterword from Stoll, who discusses Rigoberta Menchú's recent bid for the Guatemalan presidency and addresses the many controversies and debates that have arisen since the book was first published.

His reconstruction of her story goes to the heart of debates over political correctness and identity politics and provides a dramatic illustration of the rebirth of the sacred in the postmodern academy. In this hotly debated book, key points of which have been corroborated by the New York Times, David Stoll compares a cult text with local testimony from Rigoberta Menchú's hometown.

Rigoberta Menchu and the Story of All Poor Guatemalans: New Foreword by Elizabeth Burgos - Used book in Good Condition. Her testimony, rigoberta menchú, i, denounced atrocities by the Guatemalan army and propelled her to the 1992 Nobel Peace Prize. Oxford university Press USA. But her story was not the eyewitness account that she claimed. Taylor & Francis. Used book in Good Condition. Rigoberta menchú is a living legend, a young woman who said that her odyssey from a Mayan Indian village to revolutionary exile was "the story of all poor Guatemalans.

By turning herself into an everywoman, she became a powerful symbol for 500 years of indigenous resistance to colonialism.