Gun Craft: Fine Guns and Gunmakers in the 21st Century

Down East Books - Gun craft examines today's artisanally made guns, as well as the craftsmen who make them. In it, making their sometimes-arcane craft skills accessible and relevant to anyone who shoots, the author takes the reader into the workshops and factories of the world's best gunmakers, owns or collects fine guns.

. Each chapter explores a separate topic; each has been chosen, however, to provide readers with a unified insight into the complicated task of making hand-made guns in both Europe and the United States.

Double Guns and Custom Gunsmithing

Shooting Sportsman Books - Used book in Good Condition. The burgeoning popularity of double guns both over/unders and side-by-sides in the United States is no secret, and few gunmakers know more about them than Steven Dodd Hughes, who has been building, repairing, and customizing these firearms for three decades.

The Art of Gunsmithing: The Shotgun

Crowood Press - This volume is written about working on one of the finest sporting firearms ever invented—the shotgun. Crowood Press. It covers the work a gunsmith actually encounters, which may help the reader appreciate the complexity and great range of skills and knowledge a gunsmith needs. Included are types of shotgun from everyman's dream gun, to the everyman gun, the sidelock ejector, the humble economy single barrel.

. Topics covered include tooling and equipment; stripping and servicing; minor and advanced barrel work; rejointing barrels to actions and lockwork; minor and major stock repairs; blacking, bluing, browning, and engraving; and gun proof and the law. Used book in Good Condition.

Hammer Guns: In Theory and Practice

Skyhorse - With a fascinating mixture of historical analysis, he makes a robust case for the Victorian hammer gun as the finest sporting gun available today, and personal reflection, practical application, just as it was a century ago. The reader will discover all that is worth knowing about the subject: how the guns were devised, and used, how they were perfected, crafted, and how they work.

Used book in Good Condition. Crowood Press. Modern applications are given equal weight to historical ones, and subjects such as the selection of suitable ammunition, stripping, refurbishing, and customizing will prove invaluable to anyone contemplating taking a hammer gun into the field and using it as they would a modern gun.

Hammer Guns: In Theory and Practice - This is the fullest and most practical account of the development of the breech-loading center-fire hammer gun and its many variations yet written, with a guide for owners and collectors that will prove invaluable when buying and maintaining their guns. Collecting, maintaining, and shooting classic firearms.

Vintage gun expert diggory hadoke author of vintage Guns for the Modern Shot and The British Boxlock Gun & Rifle has now produced a major work on the subject for which he is best known: the hammer gun.

Best Guns Revised and Updated Edition

Countrysport Press - Brand new! quick shipping used book in Good Condition. Crowood Press.

Shotguns and Shooting Three

Down East Books - Following the success of his acclaimed books Shotguns and Shooting and More Shotguns and Shooting, Michael McIntosh continues his celebration of the shotgun in Shotguns and Shooting 3. This book will appeal to hunting and gun enthusiasts everywhere. Crowood Press. Used book in Good Condition. Used book in Good Condition.

As with his earlier volumes, from the earliest firearms to the author's current favorites, the subjects covered are wide ranging, and from technical discussions of barrels and ejectors to shooting techniques.

Vintage British Shotguns: A Shooting Sportsman Guide

Down East Books - Used book in Good Condition. While the book will be welcomed by gun collectors worldwide, it is particularly useful to those who are curious about British makers whose production was or is substantial enough that their guns would have crossed the pond into North America. This authoritative guide to British-made shotguns looks at individual makers, their products, and the selling points of particular guns.

Crowood Press. Used book in Good Condition. In some cases Wieland also notes negative points or product limitations.

More Shotguns & Shooting

Derrydale Press - More shotguns & shooting is a continuation and expansion of the material in volume one. The subjects are wide ranging, eyes, allowing mcintosh to capture the whole gun with unequaled insight and eloquence--whether he's describing the painstaking work involved in transforming a blank of Old World walnut into a beautiful finished stock or the ways in which hands, and instinct combine in proper shooting technique.

His erudite and approachable style makes reading this book like conversing with an old friend. Used book in Good Condition. Crowood Press. It includes further insights and stories about fine guns and how they're made, coupled with practical tips and advice for shotgunners. Used book in Good Condition.

Lock, Stock & Barrel: Making an English Shotgun and Shooting with Consistency

Safari Press - Used book in Good Condition. Used book in Good Condition. The best description ever of the process of making a best grade English gun. Used book in Good Condition. Crowood Press.

Shotgun Technicana

Down East Books - Crowood Press. They have included additional photographs, some new text, and updated diagrams. Here, longtime friends and colleagues michael mcIntosh and David Trevallion, two of the nation's foremost experts on shotguns, have gathered, sorted, and refined five years of their acclaimed columns from Shooting Sportsman magazine.

Used book in Good Condition. Used book in Good Condition. Used book in Good Condition.

Building Double Rifles On Shotgun Actions

Bunduki Publishing - Ellis used book in Good Condition. Book by Brown, W. Used book in Good Condition. Used book in Good Condition. Used book in Good Condition. Crowood Press.