Build Your Kingdom Here: A Rend Collective Mix Tape

Integrity Music - This mix tape captures 14 songs from their musical journey, drawing from Organic Family Hymnal, Homemade Worship By Handmade People and the immediate classic, The Art Of Celebration. Along the way, the critically acclaimed band crafted anthems that have become the soundtrack for a generation of worshippers.

. However, no collection of rend collective songs would be complete without My Lighthouse and Build Your Kingdom Here an anthem for churches around the globe. Rend collective have traveled a long way from their humble Northern Ireland roots, growing from a gathering of students eager to experience more of the presence of God, to becoming one of today's most dynamic worship teams.

Build Your Kingdom Here: A Rend Collective Mix Tape - . From the celebratory praise Like Fireworks and Joy to the worshipful Alabaster and You Bled. A must have collection for Rend Collective fans and those who are just now joining the Rend journey.

Good News

Rend Collective - The artful group of multi-instrumentalist songwriters and performers shares the Good News with thirteen worshipful originals, " "Marching On, including "Life Is Beautiful, " "Hymn Of The Ages, " and lead single "Rescuer Good News. Shrink-wrapped. Ireland's own rend collective return with a timely message on their 2018 release, offering joyful celebrations, anthems of encouragement, and reverant praise.

Campfire II: Simplicity

Rend Collective - Shrink-wrapped. As a follow-up to their hugely successful Campfire album, they capture openness and vulnerability with their own unique brand of worship songs with a community of friends. The band has proven to be an international fan favorite and is one of the leading voices in modern worship. In their formative years they gathered at Rend, a ministry for young people seeking an authentic and raw expression of church.

Hailing from a small town off the coast of Northern Ireland, Rend Collective is a celebration band, worshiping for God's Glory. The band has garnered international success with sold-out headlining tour dates and their recent album debuting #1 on every iTunes Christian Albums Chart in six countries. Rend collective goes back to its roots to bring simplicity and authenticity in worship, with their new album, Campfire II: Simplicity.

Campfire II: Simplicity - Shrink-wrapped.


Integrity Music - Included on this album are acoustic versions of their top songs Build Your Kingdom Here, You Are My Vision, Come On and a remarkably inspired version of 10, 000 Reasons. Remarkably, while still only available in digital format, the album hit the No. Now this landmark album, 000 units, that has already sold in excess of 100, is available in CD format throughout retail stores globally.

Christian/gospel chart and has remained near the top of the chart ever since, while also topping UK and European charts. Inviting their facebook and twitter community to join them to record vocals live outdoors around a campfire on Ballyholme Beach in Northern Ireland, Campfire, the band released the resulting 12-track album, to global critical acclaim.

Campfire - Come join the celebration around the Campfire ! Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Raucous, folk-rock worshippers Rend Collective are known for pushing artistic boundaries, daring the faithful to re-imagine worship and community. 1 position on the iTunes U. S.

Campfire Christmas Vol. 1

Rend Collective - And though the world may be stinging and cold, our joy and peace, we find warmth and hope at Christmas: our shining light of the world, Jesus the Messiah. Hailing from ireland, Rend Collective is one of Christian music's most exciting new acts. 1 because that's what christmas is - an invitation into the family of God, to come and feel the glow.

1 provides worshipful lyrics to celebrate the season. Their new album debuts august 21, the art of celebration debuted at #1 on the christian & Gospel Chart with over 18, As Family We Go, following their prior #1 release, 000 albums sold! Rend Collective will be on tour this fall with Chris Tomlin. Shrink-wrapped.

Campfire Christmas Vol. 1 - . With classic christmas songs and a mix of unique originals, Rend Collective s Campfire Christmas Vol. Shrink-wrapped. We called this album Campfire Christmas Vol. Shrink-wrapped.

The Art of Celebration

Columbia - Shrink-wrapped. The art of celebration herald' s rend collective' s third studio release and follows on the heels of their intimate live recording CAMPFIRE, an album which has remained a top seller based on the success of the radio single ''Build Your Kingdom Here. Rend collective have captured the hearts of worshipers with their sense of joy and embracing the committed as well as those on the fringe.

Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. The new album sees the development and maturing of the band as writers with melodies that are sure to evolve into hymns of this generation. 000768526620 . The band has been described as a Christian version of Mumford & Sons. 2014 album from the Christian folk-rock band.

As Family We Go

Rend Collective - Shrink-wrapped. Their previous release, 000+ albums ltd, 000 albums sold 117,  the Art Of Celebration, debuted at number 1 on the Christian and Gospel Chart with over 18, and featured the hit 'My Lighthouse. Rend collective will be on tour with Chris Tomlin this fall. The new album from Rend Collective releases August 21.

Hailing from northern Ireland, Rend Collective is one of Christian musics most exciting acts. 000768526620 Shrink-wrapped. As family we Go by Rend Collective. Shrink-wrapped. Highlighted by the single 'You Will Never Run, ' the new studio record features engaging, upbeat worship.

Homemade Worship By Handmade People

Integrity Music - We made it ourselves with our own hands on a creative budget. Shrink-wrapped. As family we Go by Rend Collective. Things that are homemade demand so much more time and love than something made from a factory, yet they are worth it; the quality and uniqueness are what is beautiful. There was much hard work, many stressed heads and a lot of mess, but we refused to make an album in a studio separate from our normal lives.

5019282327526. This whole album was recorded in homes around Ireland and the rest of the world. 000768526620 We hope you like what we have made! Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Humanity and the divine are what we are celebrating here, not with polish and perfection, but with authenticity.


PROVIDENT - As family we Go by Rend Collective. From the artist who brought you "lord i need you" and "Because He Lives Amen" comes this collection of all-new songs including the hit single, "Your Love Defends Me. Known globally as one of christian music's premier worship leaders and artists, Matt Maher offers hope and encouragement to believers while challenging them to extend that same hope and encouragement to the world around them.

Features the songs "Faithfulness" and "Least of These" among others. 000768526620 Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. 5019282327526.


PROVIDENT 31922002 - As family we Go by Rend Collective. Together they've forged an organic sound that is fresh and inventive musically while serving up compelling songs that are easily embraced in corporate setting, yet have the personal feel of one heart crying out to the Father. Track list:we are yoursawake my loveyour love is mineover & Over AgainKing Of LoveEven MeFrom The DayMake A WayHere's My HeartAmen Shrink-wrapped.

Shrink-wrapped. Where compelling voices intersect with a passion for spreading the gospel is where you'll find I Am They, a gifted young worship band from Carson City, Nevada that is redefining discipleship for today's generation. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. 000768526620 Shrink-wrapped. There's no more powerful instrument for praising God and celebrating his majesty than the human voice.

I AM THEY - Justin shinn on keys, and Adam's wife, Bobby Stiehler on bass, Sara Palmer on drums. 5019282327526. The six-member band includes adam Palmer on lead vocals and guitar, Matthew Hein on lead vocals and guitar and Stephanie Kulla on lead vocals.

Organic Family Hymnal

Integrity Music - 000768526620 Shrink-wrapped. 5019282327526. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. And now for something completely different. Not so much a band, god and community in and around their native Bangor, more a bunch of friends collectively wondering how to make sense of the conundrum of life, Northern Ireland. The signing of northern ireland's sprawling worship project - Rend Collective Experiment - to Kingsway is a line in the sand, the start of something fresh that reaches far into the future.

Shrink-wrapped. Beyond the typical. Shrink-wrapped. As family we Go by Rend Collective. Practically revolutionary. Rend collective Experiment defies expectations even from the start. What rend collective experiment's members add to the sound are lyrics that are both scriptural and contemporary, fresh and ancient at the same time.