Beyond Obsession: The Shocking True Story of a Teenage Love Affair Turned Deadly

Open Road Media #ad - When karin met the troubled yet brilliant Dennis Coleman, the two fell head-over-heels into lustful infatuation. She doted on her sixteen-year-old daughter, Karin, encouraging her musical ability and lavishing affection on her. For thirteen years, kept her away from other children, she beat Karin savagely, and demeaned her relentlessly.

She had been strangled, and was covered in bruises, with paper stuffed in her mouth and pantyhose knotted around her throat. The chilling true story of a beautiful violin prodigy, her devoted boyfriend, and the devastating family secrets that led to a brutal murder. Dennis eventually confessed to the murder, testifying that Karin begged him to kill her mother.

Was she manipulating the police the same way she manipulated her former boyfriend, and interviews with the survivors, court transcripts, or was she an innocent victim?   Based on meticulous research, Beyond Obsession is the definitive account of an American tragedy and the basis for a popular TV movie starring Victoria Principal and Emily Warfield.

Beyond Obsession: The Shocking True Story of a Teenage Love Affair Turned Deadly #ad - But karin had a very different story to tell, claiming to have no knowledge of Dennis’s plans. But joyce disapproved—so she had to die. On august 5, 1987, joyce’s body was found under a bridge near the Connecticut–Massachusetts border. The police investigation soon dragged her horrific treatment of Karin into the open, and the teenage lovers became the prime suspects.

But behind closed doors, Joyce was a terror.


Seduced by Madness: The True Story of the Susan Polk Murder Case

HarperCollins e-books #ad - She was twenty-five when she married him and forty-four when she killed him. In october 2002, was arrested for stabbing her husband and former therapist, the quiet northern California town of Orinda was rocked by murder when Susan Polk, the mother of three teenage boys, Dr. Weaving a complex narrative of a family who lived in multimillion dollar homes but lingered in the shadow of dysfunction, Pogash reassembles their life in the years and months before Felix's death, intimately describing what led this soft-spoken wife to murder.

Three years after felix's death, susan polk was tried for first degree murder, and here Pogash provides a first-hand account of the wild, media-circus trial in which Susan defended herself and cross-examined two of her sons. Felix Polk, to death. She was fifteen when she visited the therapist; still a teen when they had sex.

Seduced by Madness: The True Story of the Susan Polk Murder Case #ad - Illustrating how the prosecution and the court responded to Susan's volatile behavior, Pogash takes you inside the deliberation room and uncovers how jurors reached their surprising verdict. The arrest and subsequent trial quickly became one of the most talked about murder cases in the country, as spectators and reporters learned the strange history behind this shocking killing.

. Filled with the most complete case facts and interviews available, Seduced by Madness offers an unparalleled look at one of the most captivating murder cases in recent years. Examining the decadent culture of california in the 1970s, her therapist—who, like others in the mental health profession, in this period of drugs and sexual exploration, a fifteen-year-old Susan found herself caught in the grasp of Felix, Pogash looks at how, fell for every passing trend in mental health therapy.


Butcher, Baker: The True Account of an Alaskan Serial Killer

Open Road Media #ad - However, something even worse lurked in their midst. From 1971 to 1983, hansen was a human predator, stalking women on the edges of Anchorage society—women whose disappearances would cause scant outcry, but whose gruesome fates would shock the nation. The horrific true story of serial kidnapper, pimps, con men, alaska the city quickly became a prime destination for the seedier elements of society: prostitutes, and killer Robert Hansen’s reign of terror As oil-boom money poured into Anchorage, rapist, and criminals of all breeds looking to cash in.

Butcher, Baker: The True Account of an Alaskan Serial Killer #ad - But hidden beneath the veneer of mild respectability was a monster whose depraved appetites could not be sated. Hale tell the story of hansen’s twisted depredations—from the dark urges that drove his madness to the women who died at his hand and finally to the authorities who captured and convicted the killer who came to be known as the “Butcher Baker.

”. Alaska state trooper Walter Gilmour and writer Leland E. After his arrest, hansen confessed to seventeen brutal murders, though authorities suspect there were more than thirty victims. To all who knew him, Robert Hansen was a typical hardworking businessman, husband, and father.


Lethal Guardian

Pinnacle Books #ad - Phelps is a true-crime veteran. New york post"anything by Phelps is an eye-opening experience. Suspense magazine"Phelps is the Harlan Coben of real-life thrillers. Allison brennanincludes 16 Pages Of Dramatic Photos. A dark, true account of obsession. Gregg olsen"phelps dares to tread where few others will: into the mind of a killer.

Lethal Guardian #ad - Tv ragesmart, gorgeous redhead Beth Carpenter was a successful attorney in Connecticut's upscale coastal towns. With a revealing new update, this classic true-crime thriller is a gripping account of obsession, manipulation, and cold-blooded murder. Her brother-in-law, beth decided, was a former exotic dancer--and, Anson "Buzz" Clinton, unsuitable to be her precious niece's guardian.

The investigation would cross the Atlantic Ocean before finally bringing justice home. On a cold spring night, when passing motorists discovered Clinton's bullet-riddled body along an interstate's exit ramp, detectives began to unravel a twisted trail of sex games, lies, greed, and family secrets.


Savage Son

Pinnacle #ad - But when bart’s brother, Kevin, opened the door to their house, a masked intruder shot him point blank. In sugar land, a happy family occasion turns into a mysterious massacre, Texas, in this chilling true crime story by the bestselling author of Pure Murder. No one faces evil head-on like Corey Mitchell.

Gregg Olsen. Bart was living a double life, and hadn’t been enrolled in college since his freshman year. To the cops, the story didn’t add up, and their investigation uncovered a stunning web of lies. Blood was everywhere, but somehow Bart and his father survived .  .  . Instead of attending classes, he spent his days playing video games with friends—and planning the murder of his family to inherit their million-dollar estate .

Savage Son #ad -  .  . It was a night of celebration for the Whitaker family. His mother took the next bullet, followed by Mr. In savage son, los angeles times–bestselling author Corey Mitchell takes us inside this chilling murder case to reveal the twisted motives of a seemingly All-American boy-next-door who turned into a cold-blooded killer.

Their son bart was graduating from Sam Houston State University.


Rage: The True Story of a Sibling Murder

HarperCollins Publishers #ad - In a quiet working-class neighborhood in east-end toronto, on an early winter day in November 2003, Johnathon Madden returned home from school only to be bullied and threatened by is older brother, Kevin; Kevin's friend Tim Ferriman; and another teenager. Johnathon didn't have the strength or size to protect himself against the frenzied attack of his powerful 250-pound brother when the confrontation turned violent and fatal.

Kevin Madden had problems. Sibling violence may be as old as time, but this case is particularly disturbing and unsettling. Langton reveals shocking testimony from the trials—one of which was declared a mistrial due to the perjury of a witness—and exposes the twisted lives of youth living in a parallel universe where death is met with complacency.

Rage: The True Story of a Sibling Murder #ad - This was not news to his family, teachers, principal, but what drove him to commit murder—and why Johnathon? Why were his friends compelled to take part in the bloodletting? What events were going on behind the scenes that played a part in the tragedy? Jerry Langton, and psychiatrists, author of bestseller Fallen Angel, social workers, sets out to answer those questions and look for the clues that drove Kevin Madden over the edge.


The Bayou Strangler: Louisiana's Most Gruesome Serial Killer

Open Road Media #ad - The murders continued, leaving southeast Louisiana’s gay community rattled and authorities desperate for a break in the case. But who was ronald dominique and what led him to commit such heinous crimes?   With direct access to the investigation, disturbing, Dominique’s confession, and all of the killer’s body dump sites in throughout the state, author Fred Rosen enters the warped mind of a murderer and captures a troubled, and broken life.

The true story of louisiana serial killer Ronald Dominique’s ten-year murder spree, the men he slayed, and the detectives who hunted him down. Then, detectives dennis thornton and Dawn Bergeron came together as task force partners, indefatigable in their decade-long effort to track down the killer. In 1997, the bodies of young african American men began turning up in the cane fields of the quiet suburbs of New Orleans.

The Bayou Strangler: Louisiana's Most Gruesome Serial Killer #ad - In 2006, dna evidence finally linked the murders to a suspect: the unassuming Ronald Joseph Dominique, who had lived under the radar for years, working as a pizza deliveryman and meter reader. The victims—many of them transient street hustlers—had been brutally raped and strangled, but police had no leads on the killer’s identity.

As with the many other serial killers he has covered, including Jeffrey Dahmer the Milwaukee Cannibal and Dennis Rader the BTK Killer, Rosen provides a horrifying and fascinating account of the lengths to which a bloodthirsty monster will go to lure and brutalize his victims.


Fatal Charm: The Shocking True Story of Serial Wife Killer Randy Roth

Open Road Media #ad - But, as chronicled by seattle times reporter and Pulitzer Prize finalist Carlton Smith, his lies were about to come crashing down around him.  . As roth set about collecting on a hefty insurance payout, the authorities were on to his game. His first marriage ended in divorce before the couple’s fifth anniversary; his second wife plunged to her death during a hike; and his third wife left him after less than five months.

Fatal Charm: The Shocking True Story of Serial Wife Killer Randy Roth #ad - From the bestselling author of the Search for the Green River Killer: A chilling true account of the dream husband who was every woman’s nightmare. But when roth’s fourth wife, drowned in an apparent speedboating accident in Washington State’s Lake Sammamish just weeks after their first anniversary, Cynthia, a pattern of suspicious behavior finally caught up to him.

Randy roth was handsome, kind, hardworking, and in top physical shape. But for all his charm and good looks, he was seemingly cursed with the ladies. Roth had been careful—and so close to getting away with it.


Love Lies: A True Story of Marriage and Murder in the Suburbs

Diversion Books #ad - When nancy cooper moved from canada to Cary, with her new husband Brad, North Carolina, their future was bright. Nancy’s husband claimed she had gone for a jog and never came back. Then, on july 14, 2008, the façade came crashing down when Nancy’s strangled body was found in a storm pond. But as the police investigation deepened, a complex web of affairs and lies involving multiple residents of Cary’s idyllic neighborhoods was uncovered, and Brad was brought to trial for the murder of his wife.

Living in one of the most picturesque towns in the United States, attended parties, the couple mingled with neighbors, and raised two daughters. A suburban housewife’s picture-perfect life is shattered in this riveting true crime book from the author of Evil Next Door. It would take a mountain of damning evidence before justice was served.

Love Lies: A True Story of Marriage and Murder in the Suburbs #ad - At the heart of it stood the coopers’ soured marriage, Nancy’s threat to leave with the children, and her own cold-blooded murder.


Richie: A Father, His Son, and the Ultimate American Tragedy

Open Road Media #ad - He started smoking marijuana, and hanging out with drug dealers, shoplifting, and was soon arrested for assault and expelled from school. George and carol doted on their shy eldest son, Richie. A tragedy of shakespearean proportions, the devastating account of George and Carol Diener’s nightmare was adapted into The Death of Richie, Eileen Brennan, a television movie starring Ben Gazzara, and Robby Benson as Richie.

 . Then, harrowing” account of a turbulent era in american history when the gulf between young and old, bohemian and conservative, one winter evening, Richie came at his father with a steak knife and a suicidal cry of “Shoot!”   Edgar Award–winning author Thomas Thompson delivers a “scary, felt wider and more dangerous than ever before The New York Times Book Review.

But at fifteen, the boy fell into a devastating downward spiral. The “powerful and moving” true story of a Long Island family torn apart by drugs, violence, and the unbridgeable divide between generations Kirkus Reviews. By the time his parents sought psychiatric counseling for their son, Richie was addicted to barbiturates and given to violent outbursts and threats.

Richie: A Father, His Son, and the Ultimate American Tragedy #ad - The boy george and Carol knew was long gone. But in february 1972, an unthinkable tragedy occurred in the basement of their Nassau County residence, shattering their hopes and dreams forever. George diener, world war ii veteran and traveling salesman, Carol, had old-fashioned values and ordinary aspirations: a home, a family, and his wife, the pleasure of watching their two sons grow up.


A Death in Canaan: A Classic Case of Good and Evil in a Small New England Town

Open Road Media #ad - Investigators were convinced they had an open-and-shut case, but the townspeople disagreed. A gripping murder mystery and an intimate portrait of the loyalties, resentments, and secrets lurking beneath the placid surface of quiet towns across America, A Death in Canaan is a masterpiece of “first-class journalism” The New York Times.

She fought loudly with neighbors and her son, and appeared to have a messy, complicated love life. With the help of celebrities including mike nichols and William Styron, who contributes an eloquent and persuasive introduction to Joan Barthel’s account of the case, the community of Canaan rallied to Peter’s defense.

She and her eighteen-year-old son, Peter Reilly, lived in a drab one-bedroom house on a desolate stretch of road. In the sleepy hamlet of Canaan, Connecticut, Barbara Gibbons stood out. They couldn’t believe that the naïve teenager was capable of such a gruesome crime, and blamed detectives for taking advantage of the boy’s trust.

A Death in Canaan: A Classic Case of Good and Evil in a Small New England Town #ad - When peter came home from the teen Center one night to discover his mother lying naked on the bedroom floor with her throat slashed, the police made him their prime suspect.  . An intelligent, lively woman with a wicked sense of humor, Barbara also had dark moods and drank too much. A “riveting” true crime classic: the trial of Connecticut teen Peter Reilly, accused of killing his mother, and the community that defended him People.

After eight hours of interrogation and a polygraph test, Peter confessed.