A Crazy Kind of Love: Phantom and Zaria

Mz. Lady P Presents, LLC - With him feeling like everyone is against him, will he stay true to form and kill everyone?? Or does this crazy kind of love find a way to soften his heart?? Being locked away is taking a toll on him blocking him from getting better. Well the crew is back to bring you a crazy kind of love and the real story behind the couples.

. In the rise and fall of a crime God, you laughed and cried all to find out that what u thought u knew wasn’t true. Darryl “phantom” Reed is dealing with a lot of demons from his past. For the longest it has been freedom and phantom, but with Free finding love, will that jeopardize the friendship they always had?? Even the reality that Phantom is dealing with is filled with enemies and lies.

A Crazy Kind of Love: Phantom and Zaria - . Knowing the issues he is battling, did she make a fatal mistake thinking she would be different. His world is falling apart right before his eyes, but unbeknownst to him, the person responsible is right under his nose. Zaria never expected to find love on her job, but the closer she is to Phantom, the harder it is to stay away.

The Rise and Fall Of A Crime God 2: Phantom and Zaria's Story

Mz. Lady P Presents, LLC - Trying to pick up the pieces, he may have fallen too deep. Phantom being a complicated man with a dark past, worked hard at leaving it all behind. Being his conscience was hard, but convincing him of his loyalty was worse. But no matter how hard she tried, it seemed like nothing she did would keep her from her fate.

Can he rise again or is this the end? With the clock ticking, does he climb out the trenches or does everything come crashing down? Phantom is at the point of no return and everything seems like one bad dream. With one wrong move, zaria and Freedom’s chances of living is left dangling in the wind. One fatal night brought It back and his world came crashing down.

The Rise and Fall Of A Crime God 2: Phantom and Zaria's Story - Knowing she should have died that night with her family, everything seemed to have come full circle as she stares down the barrel of Phantom’s gun. Freedom has dedicated his life trying to keep Phantom on track. When the infamous phantom spared Zaria’s life, everyone felt she should be grateful for her second chance.

The Rise and Fall Of A Crime God: Phantom and Zaria's Story

Mz. Lady P Presents, LLC - Zaria feels the same attraction, but how can she fall for the man who took everything from her? Will she continue with her plan and avenge her family and make Phantom’s kingdom fall or will Phantom break down her walls and charm his way into her heart?Will Zaria succeed and avenge her family, or will Phantom break down her walls and charm his way into her heart?

Zaria is young and living the life. With hatred in her heart, she refuses to allow herself to fall for the man that brought her so much heartache and vows to bring him down at any cost. Until he met Zaria. Spoiled to the core she didn’t take anyone’s feelings into consideration. She wanted it all and she didn’t care what someone had to do to get it for her.

The Rise and Fall Of A Crime God: Phantom and Zaria's Story - . Now indebted to phantom, zaria not only has to look at the man that killed her family every day, but also deal with the guilt of them being gone because of her. He never allows an enemy or their families a chance to come back and seek revenge.

Daughter of a Hood Legend

Mz. Lady P Presents, LLC - Walking away from the life, he does everything in his power to keep his daughter Kalina from that lifestyle. The money, women, and more power than he could dream of. No matter what he does, he can’t control the savage that runs through her veins. Vicious was one of the most deadliest men the streets had seen, until one fatal night brought him crashing to his knees.

Kalina aka roulette portrayed herself to be the picture perfect daughter. Everything was perfect until family secrets causes both legacies to come crumbling down. Find out who comes out on top when a daughter of a hood legend and the connect fight to take on the throne and their love for each other. But with power comes great responsibility.

Daughter of a Hood Legend - . In her father’s eyes, she was the good girl he fought hard for her to be. He was ready for anything except Roulette. Unbeknownst to Vicious, his daughter was the biggest queen pin in Chicago. Trying to step out of her father’s shadow, the only thing on Roulette’s mind was taking over, until she met Capone.

Locked Down By Hood Love

Mz. Lady P Presents, LLC - She was an attraction that he became obsessed with and he couldn’t shake her if he tried. The perfect man with the perfect life, until one fatal incident made it all come crashing down. Until she met Spade. Jaleel spade was every woman’s dream. Was shvonne everything he thought, or was there a another side to her that he was too caught up to see? when Shvonne met Spade, her eyes locked on him and she knew he was exactly the one she had to have.

Twist and turns lead them on a path of destruction but Shvonne refused to give up until she got what she wanted. Spade is about to lose it all. Money, cars, and the reputation. Trying to pick up the pieces of her life, she moved to a new city looking for everything but love. He had it all. Everything was going perfect for Shvonne.

Locked Down By Hood Love - What happens when you are trying to fight an enemy you can’t see and nothing is what it seems?? Fighting for his life, freedom and everything he worked hard for. Everyone knew not to cross him, but the moment he met Shvonne everything changed.

That Gutta Love

Mz. Lady P Presents, LLC - Will it come back to bite him and send his world as he knows it crashing down?? Will Brinx hidden agenda affect Gutta and his world as he knows it?? Or will Gutta’s love be enough to change Brinx cold heart? With all the secrets and the lies, Gutta can’t stop himself from falling for her. Unlike any woman he has ever met, he needed her in his life.

Brinxlee’s return to houston was not planned, but her parents death sent her to the one place she wanted to get away from. Nothing in her life made sense except gutta, but would his love sway her away from her main agenda?Gutta never allows people into his life without knowing everything about them, but Brinx is a mystery with a hidden past.

That Gutta Love - . Tired of the ordinary, he was easily swept away by Brinx. Gutta has always been the man in the streets. Women threw themselves at him, but he was looking for something more.

That Gutta Love 2

Mz. Lady P Presents, LLC - What happens when everything you thought you knew turned out to be a lie? As Brinx’s life is left hanging in the balance, all hell breaks loose in Gutta’s world. Seeking out an ally, he has to try and undo all the mess Brinx’s secrets caused the people around her. Will gutta be able to rise to the occasion and come out on top, or will the lies and secrets of others bring him down?

With unknown enemies and the police after him, Gutta has to race against time in order to win against the enemies that are after his empire. So much is going on around him and the walls are starting to close in.

Daughter of a Hood Legend 2

Mz. Lady P Presents, LLC - A war is on the horizon, but how do u fight an enemy when the ones closes to you seem to be the ones betraying you the most? In this finale, the secrets of ones past wreaks havoc on all of them and no one is safe. Secrets, lies, and deceit overwhelm Roulette and Capone right when their love was starting to blossom.

As roulette learns capone’s true identity, betrayal pushes her to do something she would later regret. Being pushed back into the street life has Vicious feeling power like he’s never felt before. Finding out that his daughter is in charge, the legend in him refuses to take orders from anyone causing friction between him and Roulette.

Daughter of a Hood Legend 2 - With plans to sabotage his daughter and take over her crew, he’s halted by unseen betrayal. Breezy was living her best life and Glitch was turning out to be the man of her dreams. Until secrets and unexplained absences had him looking flaw. Not knowing if he could be trusted, Breezy reacted flipping their world upside down.

With so many lies and things being withheld, no one really knows who they can trust. Who will make it out as the entire kingdom comes crashing down.

Shadow of A Gangsta

Mz. Lady P Presents, LLC - The hoover brothers are back, but they have no idea that they are. With his wife ready to leave, and his brother’s lives on the line, Shadow May have bitten off more than he could chew. All hell has broken loose, and an old enemy is back to destroy the Hoovers once and for all. Shadow is now ready to take on his new job as a hit man, but the first job he takes jeopardizes the entire Hoover family.

Shadow hoover, tired of living in the background of his brothers, decides to be trained by Lucifer his self. Wanting to make a name for himself, he decides to come out of retirement without his brothers. With shadow looking to him for guidance, G looks at it as an opportunity to get back in the game. Gangsta has never been one to back down from a challenge.

Shadow of A Gangsta - . Who will come out on top as the Hoovers are forced into one last hoorah.

Locked Down by Hood Love 2

Mz. Lady P Presents - Oblivious to any enemies around her, she is caught off guard when an unforeseen enemy tries to take down her and the empire she built. Trying to move on from spade and running an empire at the same time, Pebbles is clueless when the tables turned. Letting his guard down, he allowed her into his life only to find out she wasn’t who he thought.

After avenging the death of her lost love, she thought her heart would be at ease. Betrayal is the only emotion Spade feels once he realized how Pebbles played him. Just when everything is falling apart in her life, but do they have ill intentions for helping her? Will Pebbles walk away untouched from all the wrong she has done? Or is her fate sealed and no matter what, an unexpected and unknown ally comes to her rescue, karma comes to take her down? Who will be left standing in locked down by hood love 2? .

Locked Down by Hood Love 2 - Everything that glitters ain’t gold and Pebbles is about to find out why. With no way of getting to her, he has to accept the cards she dealt. Pebbles is living the life.

Ghetto Symphonii

Shan Presents, LLC - Follow symphonii as she embarks on a journey of life’s trials and tribulations. One thing leads to another and he ends up exposing her to a life that can cost them their life and freedom. Every ghetto has a story this is Symphonii’s. She’s the product of an absent father and a raging alcoholic for a mother.

. Symphonii is trying her best to survive in a world that has treated her cold. At sixteen years old she makes one of the biggest mistakes of her life that also turns out to be one of her biggest blessings. She ends up falling in love with bad boy Veno. It will take more than Nola’s feisty down for whatever behavior to get Symphonii through it all.

Ghetto Symphonii - No one ever said life in the Ghetto was easy but they never said it would be this hard. While going through the motions of life Symphonii’s best friend Nola is right by her side along the way. Growing up in the heart of the Ghetto hasn’t been easy for Symphonii Karter. Symphonii is young, naive, and impressionable.